Seller Digital Platform Uses AI and Decisioning to Help Correspondent Lenders Easily Originate and Sell Loans

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  • Provides an intuitive and streamlined experience for lenders selling loans to correspondent aggregators
  • Self-service functionality and advanced communication, tracking and notification capabilities
  • Cloud-based, responsive design with convenient view of loan status, history and summary
  • Full integration with Black Knight’s Empower loan origination system featuring task-driven, exception-based processing, process automation and Black Knight’s loan product, pricing and eligibility engine, which enables systematic pricing updates and validation
  • Leverages rules engine for systematic condition management, and uses artificial intelligence to automate document classification and data extraction

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jan. 14, 2021 – Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) today announced the launch of Seller Digital, a new correspondent lending platform that helps lenders track commitment pipelines, manage conditions and validate pricing to register and lock Best Efforts loans and allocate Mandatory loans to commitments.

Focused on delivering a simple, easy-to-navigate user experience, Seller Digital’s advanced functionality fosters two-way communication between the seller and purchaser to help manage correspondent transactions. The platform is fully integrated with Empower, Black Knight’s best-in-class loan origination system (LOS), as well as the company’s premier loan product, pricing and eligibility (PPE) engine.

“Seller Digital is an evolution of traditional correspondent lending platforms, created to deliver a seamless process from pricing to delivery,” said Rich Gagliano, president, Black Knight Origination Technologies. “By building this innovative solution with feedback from correspondent sellers, we were able to amplify the buy/sell experience with the features most important to them without any cluttered add-ons, which are often unnecessarily included in other systems.”

Seller Digital supports the lender’s processes and requirements by giving purchasing lenders the unique ability to manage loan conditions systematically for each purchase transaction. Lenders can filter conditions based on categories and create on-demand notifications for any exceptions that may need attention. Lenders can subscribe to notifications that alert them of any new conditions and can easily upload documents to satisfy these conditions directly from the pipeline view. Decisions regarding the loan are updated to the Empower LOS.

Seller Digital also uses Black Knight’s artificial intelligence solution, AIVA, to automate data and document collection processes, including assessing the completeness of the loan package when sellers upload required documents and setting conditions when information is missing.

“To be competitive in today’s correspondent market, lenders must be able to offer their sellers a simple, self-service platform,” Gagliano continued. “Seller Digital exceeds these requirements with its unique personalization, automation and integration features, while giving lenders the power to customize configurations based on their own specific business requirements.”

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