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SiteXPro℠ On-Demand Property Data & Solutions

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  • Nationwide coverage of residential and commercial properties on-demand
  • Instant access to lead lists, property reports, document images, AVMs and more
  • Single intuitive platform to search millions of property records
  • Quality, trusted data from a leader in collecting data from the source

Black Knight’s SiteXPro℠ on-demand property data and solutions provides instant access to comprehensive property reports, tax estimates, valuations and a variety of other data solutions – all from a single platform. Whether you need to verify property ownership, identify at-risk loans, searching transaction history or generate new leads, SiteXPro offers a fast and affordable way to obtain more reliable, current and nationwide real estate information.

About SiteXPro

Get on-demand access to nationwide residential and commercial property data. This cost-effective, easy-to-use solution draws from our industry-leading property database that includes public records information on 99.99 percent of the U.S. population as well as listing and other comprehensive data sets.

Instantly search millions of property records by name, address and more. Find document images, liens, mortgages, foreclosure, bankruptcy and judgment records for both land and residential real estate.

Stringent Quality Control to Deliver the Most Reliable Data

As a leader in collecting data directly from the source, we’re able to verify and update the data records, so we can provide you with the most reliable, current information available.

How to Use SiteXPro?

Lenders: Identify opportunities for growth by finding viable home equity lending prospects, triggering AVMs and conduct market share analysis.

Appraisers: Gain fast, affordable access to a nationwide property record database to support comparable market analyses or select from our full range of AVMs for desktop appraisals.

Servicers: Confirm an assignment of mortgage has transferred; support default servicing with affordable AVMs; verify ownership, property details, liens and more.

Investors: Gain important property-level insights for your residential and commercial real-estate buying and selling decisions.

Portfolio Managers – Use property reports and check AVMs status as part of due diligence to help manage risk and improve decision making.

Direct Marketers: Leverage SiteXPro’s List Generation search tool and target specific markets or customers.

Why SiteXPro?

  • As a leader in collecting public records data from the source
  • Data records verified and updated to deliver exceptional quality
  • On-demand access 24/7
  • Intuitive user interface
  • A variety of search and filter options
  • Nationwide coverage
  • And more
Comprehensive Property Records

Whether you want to verify property ownership, identify at-risk loans, or obtain document images or listing information, SiteXPro provides easy and affordable access to the information you need.

More Reliable Valuation Solutions

Access to Black Knight’s top performing AVMs that leverage our industry-leading data, proven methodologies and user testing to deliver the most reliable results.


Fast, easy-to-use lead list generation tool that helps you identify targeted prospects.

Variety of Search Options

With numerous search options and reports, SiteXPro helps you quickly get the specific information you’re looking for. The platform is continually upgraded and includes the most current property data available.

Easy Report Access

Timesaving, easy-to-use selection menu to download reports; option to view previously downloaded reports at no additional charge.

One Source for Comprehensive Real Estate Information

Residential Properties

  • Property reports
  • AVMs
  • Comparables with MLS data
  • Transaction history report
  • Voluntary and involuntary liens reports
  • Foreclosure report
  • Property tax estimates
  • Mortgage type and lender
  • Online document images
  • Assessor maps
  • Lead-list generation tool (self-select or predefined)
  • Lien alerts
  • Neighborhood demographics

Commercial Properties

  • Commercial loans maturing
  • Commercial sales comparables
  • Property characteristics
  • Property and loan transactions
  • Public record data attributes

How Does SIteXPro Work?

SiteXPro provides instant access to complete property and mortgage intelligence. The software’s flexible search options allow you to quickly access the data you need.

What Solutions Are Included With SiteXPro?

AVMs, comparables, county record documents, property data, parcel maps, lead generation, portfolio management tool.

What Industries Benefit From SiteXPro?

SiteXPro provides data and solutions for individuals in the mortgage, real estate, capital markets, government, direct marketing and insurance sectors.

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Solutions related to SiteXPro

Drawing from the most comprehensive U.S. property database, SiteXPro provides a single nationwide source for accessing residential and commercial information. Our dedicated team of data experts will work closely with you to create a custom solution to meet your unique business needs.

Goals Related to SiteXPro

Our highly experienced professionals focus on providing data that helps you better understand your businesses. This will, in turn, help you drive revenue opportunities, better manage your portfolio and find new customers, as well as monitor and mitigate risk.  

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