Property Data

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  • Nationwide coverage of both residential and commercial properties
  • Accurate, reliable and up-to date information
  • Flexible permitted-use options to support your business needs
  • Ability to link data sets to other data for deeper insights

Black Knight’s comprehensive real estate property database covers the vast majority of the U.S. population and offers incredible depth to support your business needs. Our industry-leading data goes through rigorous quality control so we can deliver the most reliable, up-to-date information available. Leverage our highly detailed data that includes robust information on both residential and commercial properties.

About Our Property Data

Black Knight offers exceptional quality, nationwide residential and commercial property that provides unparalleled depth, coverage and flexibility. From the mortgage, capital markets and real estate industries to direct marketers, government agencies, insurers and more, professionals across the U.S. reply on our proven data to gain deep, actionable insights.

  • Improve strategic and tactical performance
  • Develop highly targeted lead lists
  • Mitigate risk
  • Save time and money
  • Benchmark performance
  • Create custom products for resale
  • Identify new opportunities

Rigorous Data Quality Control 

As a leader in collecting data directly from the source, we’re able to apply stringent quality control measures so you can be confident the information you receive is the most reliable and current available. Our thorough quality control process includes:

  • A sophisticated platform with hundreds of validation rules
  • A combination of techniques to identify specific record and data-pattern issues
  • Continuous data validation and updating

Customer-Centric Support 

To fully understand and help you with your data needs, we offer a highly experienced customer support team backed by a large staff of operational and technical experts. We can work closely with you to answer questions about code descriptions, data relationships and more.

Our customer-centric focus also includes flexible permitted-use options, providing you with more control of the data and increased value.

Why Black Knight Property Data

  • Data that includes information collected directly from the source
  • Up-to-date, reliable data that goes through rigorous quality control
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Expertise to find the optimal solutions for your needs
  • Nationwide coverage with unparalleled data depth
  • Standardized data for your easy consumption
Exceptional, Innovative Quality-Control

Sophisticated platform that performs detailed quality-control throughout data processing and delivery.

Highly Experienced Customer Support

Best-in-class support team committed to delivering exceptional service and helping you optimize the data to meet your business needs.

Data From the Source

Our public records data set contains information collected directly from the source – county offices across the U.S. – enabling us to verify each record and deliver the most current, reliable data available.

Expertise and first-hand knowledge

With first-hand knowledge of how data is used to drive operational excellence, we can provide powerful insights on how to best leverage data for prospecting, portfolio retention, risk monitoring and more.

Multiple Data Sets

Our data includes listing data, public records data, third party and derived data; we offer both structured and unstructured data as well as location-driven shapefiles.

Robust Integration and Standardization

For your ease of use, we convert the millions of data elements that flow into our operations into consistent formats; data sets can be linked to provide you with even more insights.

Property Data Types

Our industry leading U.S. property database is one of the most robust databases available. Our data covers both residential and commercial properties and can help you identify at-risk mortgage loans, improve business performance, develop highly targeted marketing campaigns and much more.

Commercial Property Data

Comprehensive view of commercial properties across the U.S.

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Residential Property Data

One of the most accurate and up-to-date U.S. residential property databases in the industry.

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Drive Business Performance


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Goals Related to Property Data

Black Knight’s exceptional quality data can help you lower costs, improve portfolio management, mitigate risk, find and retain customers, benchmark and more. Gain greater data visibility from a provider with first-hand knowledge and experience in collecting and using data to drive excellence.

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Boundary data graphic overhead view of mixed commercial and residential properties on a sunny, summer day.
Boundary Data

Boundary data that allows for detailed spatial analysis of geographic areas by parcels, counties, neighborhoods and school districts.

Lender assessing neighborhood boundary data using laptop from open floorplan office space.
Building Permit Data

Current, comprehensive and nationwide data on commercial and residential properties.

Disaster, Hazard and Risk Data

Provides the critical information and alerts you need to help mitigate risk and reduce losses.

Foreclosure Data

Up-to-date, nationwide property data that covers the entire foreclosure cycle.

Mortgage Transaction Data

Fast, cost-effective and reliable mortgage transaction data that reflects subject property transfers and provides info on more than 155 million parcels.

Neighborhood Demographics Data

Access information about neighborhoods, develop targeted marketing lists and perform trending research.

Public Records Data

Comprehensive, nationwide public records data from over 3,100 county recorder offices across the U.S.

School Data

Private and public school data from across the U.S., associated with >155M property parcels

Residential Market Analytics

Real-estate analytics solutions that can help you save time, manage risk and identify business-growth opportunities.