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Climate Risk Scoring

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  • Understand the potential effects of natural disasters on properties  
  • Match data across other Black Knight data sets for deeper insights
  • View scores based on continuously updated climate data 

As climate-related natural disasters progress in frequency, scale and intensity, mortgage industry professionals need to mitigate their risk and financial exposure. The Climate Risk Scoring solution from Black Knight can help you easily understand property-level climate risk over the course of a mortgage’s lifespan.  

About Climate Risk Scoring

Black Knight Climate Risk Scoring distills over 50 different climate simulations from government and academic sources into an easy-to-understand risk assessment. You can leverage the information to help develop climate-related risk management strategies.

Covering 99.9% of properties in the United States, the solution assigns a property-level risk score between 1 – 100 for each of the following natural hazards:

  • Fire
  • Drought
  • Heat
  • Storms
  • Floods

Flexible Search Options to Meet Your Needs

The Black Knight Climate Risk Scoring solution provides flexible search options, which is crucial since risk can extend to surrounding areas and infrastructure. Search by:

  • Parcel or polygon
  • Address
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN)
  • Latitude and longitude
  • ZIP code
  • Census tract

How to Use Black Knight Climate Risk Scoring


  • Develop lending strategies to address the potential influence of climate risk on housing supply, affordability and valuations in local markets
  • Use the climate risk data at the property level to re-evaluate the accuracy of outdated flood risk maps
  • Develop different types of building requirements for lending based on an area’s potential for climate risk
  • Align climate scoring data and lending processes in advance of regulatory changes to help create climate risk disclosures

Portfolio Risk Managers

  • Mitigate risk by improving the balance between higher- and lower-risk loans within a portfolio
  • Use the risk data in your models to help project loan losses and create a framework for climate risk management
  • Link climate-related risk data with other Black Knight data sets for deeper insights


  • Identify high-risk properties and the potential impacts of natural disasters related to climate change
  • Meet anticipated regulatory changes by using the data to help develop climate risk disclosures as part of the loan transfer processes.

Capital Markets

  • Leverage the data to help develop property-level estimates of future climate-hazard risk
  • Refine the risk-based prices investors are willing to pay for credit risk transfer securities and reinsurance contracts
Gain Deeper Insights

Intuitive report to help you understand the potential effects of natural disaster properties.

Forward-Thinking Analysis

Risk projected over the entire term of a mortgage.

Continuous Updates

Scores are continuously updated with the latest climate data.

Standardized for You

Data is validated and standardized for your ease of use.

Easy Access, Quick Delivery

Flexible delivery options to best meet your needs, including API, Match and Append, Bulk and Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠).

Let’s Get Started

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Find out how our Climate Risk Scoring solution can help inform your risk management strategies.


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