Black Knight’s Product, Pricing and Eligibility Engine, CompassPPE, Is Now Integrated with the Industry-Leading Empower LOS

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  • CompassPPE is designed for flexibility and ease of use, while delivering in-depth functionality to support automation and margin management
  • Integration provides Empower loan origination system (LOS) clients with direct access to a comprehensive, modern PPE, enabling a seamless bidirectional flow of information that keeps loan data in sync between CompassPPE and Empower
  • CompassPPE delivers full automation of locks, relocks, extensions, float-downs and concessions, creating workflow efficiencies and decreasing costs
  • Empower is Black Knight’s innovative LOS that supports retail, consumer-direct, home equity, correspondent, wholesale and assumption channels on a single platform, and delivers advanced automation to help lenders of all sizes lower costs, improve cycle times and enhance data integrity

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –  May 6, 2020 – Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) announced that CompassPPE, its robust, intuitive product, pricing and eligibility engine (PPE), is now available within its industry-leading Empower loan origination system (LOS). With this integration, Empower clients can seamlessly access advanced lock and relock workflows directly from the LOS.

“The CompassPPE and Empower integration provides an exceptional user experience, while supporting the margin capabilities that lenders need to price each loan confidently and competitively,” said Rich Gagliano, president, Black Knight Origination Technologies. “With CompassPPE, Empower clients can use a dynamic and flexible PPE to support their originators and secondary marketing departments.”

CompassPPE helps lenders reduce cost per loan and manual touch points through its automated locks; relocks; extensions; float-downs and concessions workflow; and exception-based processing. Additionally, CompassPPE has several features that set it apart in the industry, including an intuitive, modern user interface and mobile-responsive design. Users can access the PPE’s complete pricing and locking capabilities from any device – desktop, tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Empower users also benefit from CompassPPE’s extensive API library; daily maintenance of pricing, guidelines, and adjusters for all top investors; mortgage insurance quote comparisons; live pricing; and much more. Its easy-to-use administrative functions include the ability to make updates in bulk quickly and simply.

CompassPPE includes a granular margin-management framework, which enables lenders to implement margins based on a variety of factors. For example, clients can create scenario-driven margins around FICO, debt-to-income and loan-to-value considerations, as well as geographic margins down to metropolitan statistical area (MSA), county and census tract.

“An additional benefit of the CompassPPE and Empower integration is that it gives production staff competitive advantages to help recruit and retain loan officers, and enables more responsive customer support,” Gagliano added.

Empower is Black Knight’s dynamic, innovative, enterprise-wide LOS used by lenders of all sizes and supports retail, consumer-direct, home equity, correspondent, wholesale and assumption channels. With its advanced automation, robotics and digital capabilities, Empower helps lenders improve data integrity, decrease cycle times, lower the cost per loan and enhance the consumer experience.

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