Black Knight Announces the Developer Portal, a Comprehensive Catalog of APIs to Enhance Integration and Efficiency for Clients

  • Black Knight announced its new Developer Portal, an extension of its commitment to continuously delivering new value to clients in the form of seamless integrations across its ecosystem of solutions
  • The first phase of the Developer Portal includes APIs specific to Black Knight’s servicing technologies; future phases will include integration offerings across the loan life cycle

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jan. 12, 2023 – Today, Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) announced the launch of its new Developer Portal – a one-stop storefront where clients, third-party providers and their developers will have access to the company’s catalog of application program interfaces (APIs) across the mortgage life cycle. APIs expose business functionality and client data that are neatly packaged into reusable services that follow industry standard protocols and conventions to allow ease of integration. Clients can use Black Knight’s APIs to rapidly embed additional functionality within their applications, which can help drive intuitive and frictionless experiences in their user journeys.

As an extension of Black Knight’s commitment to delivering new innovations and seamless connections to the market, the Developer Portal provides a central repository of documentation detailing the application connections Black Knight offers. This catalog of APIs includes web APIs, web services, webhooks and other integration tools. The Developer Portal also contains a self-service interface where clients can search for and browse API specifications, product overviews, implementation documentation, user guides and more.

“Staying at the forefront of technology is a commitment we make to our clients,” said James Iredale, chief information technology officer, Black Knight. “We are focused on continual innovation and delivering with a sense of urgency to help our clients stay ahead of changing market dynamics. The Developer Portal is further demonstration of our commitment to helping our clients drive growth and perform business processes with greater ease and efficiency.”

The Developer Portal is a core element of Black Knight’s “API-first” strategy, through which products are developed and enhanced with the power of APIs. This approach accelerates Black Knight’s ability to bring innovative solutions to the market as quickly as possible for the benefit of clients. By providing easy, self-service access to the API catalog and all necessary tooling, the Developer Portal allows clients to innovate further by rapidly integrating their applications and data to help achieve desired business outcomes.

While the Developer Portal currently contains API documentation related to Black Knight’s servicing technologies, this information is actively being expanded to include APIs across the mortgage life cycle.

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