Innovation Through Improvisation: Black Knight’s Boaz Reisman on AI in the Mortgage Industry

Boaz Reisman says music is math expressed in time and sound, and that artificial intelligence is calculus personified. A polymath himself, Reisman pursued a career in music before becoming a data scientist at Black Knight, where he is pushing the frontiers of AI and machine learning.

In a new podcast showcasing Black Knight’s deep bench of innovators, Mitch Cohen, director of public relations, interviews Reisman about how AI is being used to help lenders streamline processes and improve the borrower experience and how his groundbreaking work is already paying dividends in the mortgage industry and could potentially become the gold standard for all automated data extraction.

In this special podcast you will learn:

  • What AI is, and isn’t
  • Why machines can’t tell the difference between a cat and a cow and why that should matter to mortgage lenders
  • The unique challenges of applying AI in a highly regulated industry and the importance of being able to “show your work”
  • How AI and machine learning are already making a positive difference in the mortgage industry, and what’s next

When it comes to finding new answers to old problems, sometimes it takes someone with a different perspective. Boaz Reisman embodies this spirit of innovation to his core.

Innovation Through Improvisation: AI in the Mortgage Industry from Black Knight, Inc. on Vimeo.


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