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How Much Does a Mortgage Servicing System Cost?

When selecting a mortgage servicing system, one size does not fit all. Finding the right system to fit your business and loan portfolio can help you streamline your operations and manage your technology investment costs. Different types of organizations have slightly different loan types and specialized procedures that must be followed, so finding a comprehensive mortgage servicing system that can help scale your operations is important.

The following frequently asked questions will help you understand how pricing works for mortgage servicing systems and how you can get the most from your investment.

1. What is the process for evaluating a new mortgage servicing system?

System Pricing: Different size organizations require different mortgage servicing system features. Mortgage servicing system pricing begins with a careful assessment of the servicer’s existing solutions and objectives for the new system. Even when the servicer is happy with its existing software solutions, there may be more advanced and effective alternatives that can increase efficiency and reduce servicing costs. An experienced mortgage servicing technology provider can help servicers evaluate their options and find the best-fit solutions. During this process both pricing and return on investment should be considered.

Process Consultation: A servicing solution consultant works with the mortgage servicer from the time the organization begins its investigation into new mortgage servicing system technology. The consultant works with the mortgage servicer through the due diligence process, including solution review and selection, into pricing negotiation and ultimately into contract review and confirmation. Partnering with an experienced servicing solution consultant to navigate all the details involved in pricing, contracts and implementation helps foster a healthy long-term business relationship with the technology provider.

2. What is included in the procing of a mortgage servicing system?

Depending on the mortgage servicing technology provider, pricing approaches vary. Pricing typically includes:

  • Loan servicing management functionality
  • Third party integration
  • Borrower self-service capabilities
  • Customized system implementation
  • Staff training

Advanced mortgage servicing systems are configurable with the servicer’s unique business rules and processes. They also leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to easily integrate with third-party applications without the need for expensive custom interfaces. In all cases, pricing would include a right-sized solution to meet the mortgage servicer’s needs and budget requirements.

3. How do I select a mortgage servicing system technology provider?

Selecting the right Mortgage Servicing System is one of the most important decisions for a servicing organization. Evaluating new servicing technology should encompass both the system features and the track record of the technology provider to protect your investment for the long term. Servicers should consider questions like:

  • Is the solutions provider financially stable? 
  • Do they have a track record supporting my type of operations? 
  • Do their current clients like doing business with them? 
  • Do borrowers like the service they receive via those solutions? 
  • Are they monitoring regulatory compliance changes? 
  • Do they invest in advancing their solutions?
  • How do they manage security risk and data protection? 

4. What effects the pricing of a mortgage servicing system?

There are several factors that affect the pricing of a Mortgage Servicing System, including:

  • The portfolio size and loan types
  • Organization size and complexity
  • Solution components needed
  • Length of contract

Configurable systems allow the servicer’s business rules and processes to be easily applied during implementation to provide more of a customized system without additional programming costs. Application programming interfaces (APIs) also allow integration with third-party applications and services without the need for custom interface expenses.


The right mortgage servicing system can help servicers enhance performance, increase efficiency, reduce risk and provide a better experience for their borrowers. Finding the best technology solution begins with careful evaluation of system features and the technology provider’s track record. An experienced servicing solution consultant can help mortgage servicers evaluate all the details that impact pricing and return on investment, so they can find the best-fit mortgage servicing system for the long term.


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