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The Digital Customer Journey

The Digital Customer Journey

The Power of Black Knight’s Integrated Digital Technologies

The customer journey to homeownership involves many steps − from loan pre-qualification and approval, to processing, closing, servicing and beyond. Today’s customers also expect instant access to information and the ability to start the process anywhere, anytime.

Black Knight’s end-to-end, integrated digital solutions enable you to provide a seamless experience to current and prospective customers. These innovative capabilities enable borrowers access to their loan information and take the next steps from any mobile device.

Black Knight: One Source for Powerful, End-to-End Integrated Solutions

All applications in our digital solution suite are integrated and the data collected populates in Black Knight’s back-end origination and servicing systems, helping the data to remain consistent throughout the process. This integration not only simplifies the process for customers, but increases productivity and reduces risk for you.

The First Step – Working With a Real Estate Agent to Find a Home

Customers can begin their home-buying journey from their phone or any device by using Black Knight’s Borrower Digital℠ to quickly prequalify for a mortgage. Once the consumer is prequalified and connected with a real estate agent on the Paragon® Collaboration Center portal, the customer will have access to user-friendly, robust content related to properties actively listed on the market. The Paragon Collaboration Center portal enables communication between agents, buyers and sellers on any mobile device, and offers the ability to engage with loan officers who are part of an agent’s affiliate team. This solution also helps lenders engage with agents and homebuyers early in the home-purchasing process.

Paragon Collaboration Center

Digital Convenience at the Point of Sale

Once they have found a home, customers can instantly apply for a mortgage from their mobile device. Black Knight’s Borrower Digital is an easy-to-use, digital point-of-sale solution, providing customers with the ability to quickly complete the loan application process. Navigation is simple, and a dynamic, interactive format easily guides the consumer through the self-service application process.

borrower digital
Loan Officer Digital – Lock Confirmed

Interactive Support During the Loan Approval Process

During the prequalification and loan approval process, loan officers can use Black Knight’s Loan Officer Digital℠ from their mobile device to interact with borrowers – at the time they need support – to provide the most responsive service. Loan Officer Digital includes the ability to easily view and track existing and prospective customer activity, allowing loan officers to deliver exceptional, proactive service to keep the application advancing. Decisions on the loan are automatically updated in the loan origination system.

Digital Closings With Secure Collaboration

After loan approval, customers can view their loan status, review their closing package and electronically sign important documents online using Expedite® Close. The easy-to-use, secure portal enables all participants involved in the transaction to collaborate and monitor the status of the closing. With Black Knight’s tools, you can also provide your customers with remote online notarization when required, and all activity is tracked for audit purposes.

Expedite Close
Servicing Digital – My Neighborhood

Digital Servicing and Retention

After the loan has closed, customers can use Black Knight’s Servicing Digital℠ solution to review loan balances, make payments, see neighborhood comps and explore various payment or refinance options. Customers can see their payments post in real time and explore ways to grow and leverage the equity in their home. Customers can initiate a refinance or home equity loan within Servicing Digital, which then seamlessly connects the customer to Borrower Digital to complete the process.

Black Knight’s Customer Service℠ solution is also integrated with the company’s digital servicing capabilities, providing a holistic view of the borrower’s information, interactions with your company, conversation threads and loan-level detail – all on a single system. This solution includes a web-based view of the screens that the borrower sees within Servicing Digital, further helping your customer service representatives deliver superior support and resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Customer Service Digital

Black Knight can transform your operations by delivering a suite of advanced, digital capabilities that helps your customers throughout their mortgage loan journey for one seamless, consistent experience.