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Boundary Data

Where Great Data Begins

Black Knight provides extensive boundary data that allows for detailed spatial analysis of geographic areas by parcels, counties, neighborhoods and school districts. Our high-quality, up-to-date information includes boundaries for over 155,000,000 parcels, more than 500,000 neighborhoods, 3,100+ counties and school zones across the U.S.

What Our Boundary Data Includes

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Parcel Boundary Data

County Boundary Data

Neighborhood Boundary Data

School Boundary Data

Black Knight Boundary Data: Reliable Visualizations of Geographic Areas  

We use precise polygons so you have the most reliable visualizations of geographic areas. For your ease of use, we provide the information to you in a shapefile – the standard geographic industry format.

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How to Use Our Boundary Data

  • Gain a better idea of a parcel’s proximity to locations that could impact property value
  • Identify where parcels are located in relation to areas with a history of natural disasters, environmental hazards, or undesired high-traffic property developments and highways
  • Combine the data with zoning jurisdictions to identify the zoning classification of a property location
  • Identify where a parcel is located in a new-development subdivision, which could be helpful in cases where school zoning is important to a transaction
  • Verify legal boundaries associated with a property

Highly Experienced Support Staff Helps You Optimize the Data  

We don’t just give you the data – we help you optimize it to support your vision and goals. Our highly experienced team leverages their deep first-hand knowledge to provide insights on how you can maximize the data.

As part of Black Knight’s customer-centric focus, we also offer flexible permitted-use options, providing you with more control of the data to meet your business needs.

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Why Black Knight Boundary Data?  

Stringent quality control process provides clients with a high degree of confidence in the data

Customer-centric support and flexible permitted-use options

Nationwide coverage that includes more than 155,000,000 parcels, representing 99.99% of the U.S.

Ability to conduct detailed spatial analysis by parcels, counties, neighborhoods and assigned school areas

Precise polygons provide reliable visualization of geographic areas

Single source of data to help you save time and reduce costs

Flexible delivery options to meet your business needs

Data can be linked to other data sets for deeper insights

Easy Access, Quick Delivery

You can choose from a variety of delivery options to meet your specific needs:

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Find Out How Our High-Quality, Extensive and Up-to-Date Boundary Data Can Provide You With Deeper Insights