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Rapid Analytics Platform℠

Rapid Analytics Platform℠

What is the Rapid Analytics Platform?

The Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP) is a cloud-based enterprise data and analytics solution that allows industry professionals to immediately source data, execute queries, create advanced analytics and train machine-learning models.

This helps organizations gain valuable insights to drive business growth, effectively manage risk, and respond quickly to the dynamics of an evolving market.

Who Uses RAP?

RAP has an unlimited number of applications across the real estate and mortgage lifecycle, making it a powerful solution for real estate, origination, servicing or capital markets professionals.

Why Companies Choose RAP

RAP allows users to instantly access Black Knight’s marketplace of comprehensive, diverse data assets and advanced analytics — providing an intuitive, robust environment to develop unique analytics catered to their individual needs.

Additionally, RAP can help businesses with:

  • Customer growth and portfolio retention
  • Portfolio analysis and benchmarking
  • New market analysis and surveillance
  • Equity analysis and valuation
  • Model development, implementation and validation
  • Pre- and post-bid automated due diligence