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Ownership & Encumberance Report

Ownership & Encumberance Report

Up-to-Date Information on an Owner and Property

Lenders, servicers, capital markets professionals and investors across the U.S. rely on Black Knight’s Ownership and Encumbrance (O&E) reports for a reliable, cost-effective way to confirm title, identify liens and judgments, and obtain tax-payment status

Fast and Affordable O&E Reports

Black Knight O&E reports provide a focused set of title data that supports several use cases. Rather than delivering information on the complete chain of title, which is time-intensive to compile, our O&E reports provide data from the most recent purchase date forward, enabling us to deliver fast, affordable information.  

While an organization could do the necessary research, it’s difficult to get a clear picture of the chain of title and current-owner vesting from multiple sources and documents. Black Knight provides you with just one source to obtain the critical O&E data you need. 

Applications for our O&E reports include: 


Supports home equity lending decisions by helping lenders confirm that the borrower is a vested owner of the property and not encumbered by any unexpected liens.   


Supports loss mitigation and asset-disposition decisioning, as well as portfolio risk review and pre-sale analysis to confirm there are no hurdles to property conveyance. 

Capital Markets Professionals and Investors 

Supports risk management and investor due diligence (e.g., courthouse auctions, bulk portfolio acquisitions and pre-tax auction). 

The Coverage You Need

Our O&E reports provide nationwide coverage and leverage Black Knight’s industry-leading data assets, including property data covering 99.99% of the U.S. population. We obtain the data directly from the source – so we’re able to verify the information and provide you with the most reliable O&E data.   

We also have access to rich title-plant data, which is reviewed by our experienced internal abstractors, who produce the O&E reports. And our reports are unique because we built a network of vendors to augment Black Knight’s data assets. These combined resources strengthen the coverage provided to clients – such as in areas where an on-the-ground abstractor needs to be enlisted. 

Discover the Benefits of Black Knight O&E Reports 

Black Knight’s best-in-class O&E reports helps clients to get fast, exceptional-quality, nationwide data and reports from one, proven source. 

Exceptional quality data and reports

Fast turn times

Nationwide coverage

Cost efficiencies

file-level audir trail

Raw data and PDF provided

Continual technology innovations

Stringent quality control

Flexible Delivery Options 

We offer several delivery options, including: 

  • Intuitive website for convenient access whenever you need it 
  • Black Knight’s Exchange network   
  • Direct integration with several title production systems 

Black Knight O&E reports include: 

  • Current owner name and vesting information
  • Full legal description 
  • Mortgage details, including assignments, modifications and subordination agreements 
  • Tax details, including current and prior year’s payment status 
  • All liens and judgments that affect title of current owner 
  • Document images 

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