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Nationwide Property Tax Data

Nationwide Property Tax Data

Black Knight offers a comprehensive suite of tax solutions that helps mortgage, real estate, risk, and capital markets professionals reduce the costs and challenges associated with procuring property tax data. From prequalification to closing, and throughout loan servicing, the Black Knight Property Tax suite supports the entire real estate and mortgage life cycle.


Black Knight’s nationwide property tax data provides information – directly from the source – from taxing agencies, including state, county and subagencies. In addition, the data is refreshed on a regular basis so clients receive reliable, up-to-date information.

Quick turnaround times

Current and delinquent taxes

Comprehensive information

Experienced customer support team

Flexible and customizable solutions to meet business needs

Easy access and order submission


Black Knight offers comprehensive solutions across the real estate and mortgage life cycle to meet specific business needs.

Tax for Loan Estimation

Helps lenders more accurately estimate property taxes to prequalify buyers and fund escrow accounts.



  • Identifies applicable taxing agencies
  • Provides an accurate, effective, method of estimating taxes based on geography
  • Helps reduce the risk of penalties and errors
  • Enhances the borrower experience


Tax for Closing Disclosures

A nationwide, TILA-RESPA-compliant tax calculation solution that provides accurate tax bill amounts at loan application and closing. Includes a unique solution for Prop 13 in California. Integrates with Black Knight’s Empower® loan origination system.



  • Provides current taxes, new taxes and supplemental taxes
  • Helps lenders establish correct escrow amounts for closing
  • Enables more accurate debt-to-income ratios to be calculated
  • Increases employee efficiency by reducing rework
  • Helps improve borrower satisfaction

Tax for Title and Settlement

Identifies properties with delinquent taxes, even if the obligation has been sold to a third party or is on a non-escrowed account. Helps provide the information needed during title and risk mitigation processes.



  • Identifies delinquent amounts, due dates, payment status
  • Provides payment instructions and special handling details
  • Specifies delinquency severity and how quickly the obligation could be lost to auctions
  • Provides historical information on delinquent taxes and liens
  • Includes taxing agency contact information
  • Uncovers third-party purchased tax liens and municipal tax liens
  • Includes limited liability coverage (only applies to Tax for Title & Settlement product)


Black Knight’s nationwide property tax data is integrated with EmpowerTitlePoint, SoftPro, RamQuest, and Resware to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and enable faster and more efficient access.

National TaxNet

Texas Property Tax Information and Certificates

  • Real Property Tax Information and Tax Certification
  • Current and Prior Year Tax Amounts, Payment Status, Calculated Payoffs
  • Up-to-Date, Comprehensive with Real-time Updates
  • HOA Data and Research Services
  • Standardized Reporting for all Texas Tax Agencies

Property Tax Solution Summary Comparison


  Tax for Loan Estimation (TLE) Tax for Closing Disclosure (TCD) Tax for Title and Settlement (TTS)
Nationwide coverage for all tax agencies
Tax agency detail (address, phone, dates, etc.)
Estimated tax amount    
Estimated tax amount – Confidence Score    
Estimated tax amount – Description (estimation method)    
All tax ID/parcel numbers  
Assessed value detail  
Current year tax detail  
Delinquent prior year tax detail    
3rd party tax lien detail    
Delinquent severity level    
Payoff amounts for delinquent taxes    
Payment details for paying delinquent taxes    
Mail-to information for paying delinquent taxes    
Payment letters for paying delinquent taxes    
Special documents for paying delinquent taxes, when applicable    
Liability coverage    
CA Prop 13 solution    
Collect at closing amounts  
Optional water and sewer    
Optional 24 month historical tax payment search    


Easy Access, Quick Delivery

Access Black Knight’s valuations the way you want:

  • Batch
  • Web portal
  • XML
  • Empower
  • TitlePoint®
  • SoftPro 360
  • Resware
  • RamQuest
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