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Crucial Information Updated Daily

During today’s COVID-19 crisis and historically low interest rates, it’s more important than ever for servicers and capital markets professionals to have the most current forbearance, payment and loan status data available. With real-time visibility into the majority of loans across the U.S., Black Knight can deliver this critical information.

Black Knight’s McDash℠ Flash delivers the data needed to help clients make more informed decisions, especially in today’s volatile market. This new standard – a 30x increase in data currency – enables an unparalleled view of emerging mortgage trends to support all functions of your organization including servicing, portfolio management, and secondary marketing.

McDash Flash draws from Black Knight’s market-leading, servicer-contributed loan-level database, which covers nearly 70% of the U.S. market and spans the full spectrum of agency, non-agency and portfolio mortgages.

Flexible Solutions Based on Business Needs

Black Knight offers a variety of McDash Flash products designed to meet a client’s specific business needs.

Forbearance Tracker

Provides a near-real-time market view of borrower forbearance requests and advances, broken out by investor type. Tracks daily forbearance activity and estimates principal, interest, taxes, and insurance payment obligations at summary level. 

Payment Tracker

Provides a daily view of borrower payment trends and mortgage delinquencies, helping clients fully understand the impact to credit performance. Includes market-level estimates by investor type. Current-month performance is benchmarked to prior-month delinquency status.

Industry Monitor Suite

Extends the Forbearance Tracker and the Payment Tracker to provide a wider and more detailed view of current mortgage performance and industry trends. Optional access to the underlying data cubes and the ability to perform industry benchmarking. 

McDash Flash – Loan-Level Plus RAP

Offers direct access to the complete anonymized loan-level detail updated daily in a hosted environment, plus a powerful analytics engine, via Black Knight’s Rapid Analytics Platform℠. Enables clients to easily consume the loan-level data and data aggregations that fuel the McDash Flash products.

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