WEBINAR: How Servicers Can Mitigate HOA Risk Exposure

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Andrew Hawronsky
Managed Data Solutions Director
Black Knight, Inc.

Join us for this important and insightful webinar presented by Andrew Hawronsky, Director of Managed Data Solutions at Black Knight. With over 26 million U.S. properties in an HOA and this number continuing to grow, mortgage servicers are at increased risk of losing first-lien status. During this webinar, you will learn strategies for mitigating your HOA risk and tools to help you cure HOA-related lien issues.

Learn How To:

Identify and manage potential HOA and condo association (COA) obstacles

Obtain pertinent contact details, e.g., contact info, property management company, attorney, law firm, etc.

More easily cure HOA-related lien issues and delinquencies

Identify the numerous complexities that impact super-lien state rules

Uncover HOA/COA liens and maintain your first-lien position with an automated solution

Expedite the default process on properties associated with an HOA/COA