Thought Leaders’ Biographies

Thought Leaders’ Biographies
Dave Hurt Vice President, Capital Markets & Government Sales, Data & Analytics

Dave Hurt is the Vice President, Capital Markets & Government Sales for the Data & Analytics division of Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI). During his career of more than 40 years, Dave has been an integral member of both executive and sales teams at organizations in the capital markets, mortgage banking production and risk management industries.

Before joining Black Knight, Dave spent 15 years with an industry data provider, where he was Senior Vice President of Business Development. In this role, he focused on capital markets, mortgage credit risk and prepayment analytics.

Prior to that, Dave served on the executive team at OPTiFi, an analytics firm focused on prepayment scoring and analytics. In his role at OPTiFi, he was directly responsible for sales, marketing, production and strategic initiatives.

Dave was also the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Corporate Business Development for Pedestal, Inc., an internet-enabled mortgage and securities trading platform. He has also held several senior leadership positions at some of the nation’s largest mortgage banking companies, including GE Capital Mortgage, North American Mortgage Company and Perpetual Bank.

Dave earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from George Mason University.