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InterChange Services

InterChange Services


 A value-added network dedicated to the exchange of mortgage data.

InterChange Services

Business-to-Business Communications and Application


Black Knight InterChange Services (IC) is the industry’s largest value-added electronic data interchange (EDI) network dedicated to the exchange of mortgage servicing data. Serving as a communications vehicle, InterChange provides lenders and servicers with direct access and seamless integration to Black Knight applications and third-party providers. Special features include a file-level audit trail, translation and mapping.

Clients can opt for a dedicated connection to the network to support large or frequent file transfers or a high volume of MSP® servicing system online transactions with multiple users. Alternatively, Black Knight offers an IC Web product suite that provides access via the internet.

The IC Web suite includes IC Web VPN, IC Web FTPSecure and IC Web SFTP for file transfers, as well as Web Direct for MSP online transactions. The suite utilizes existing hardware and software, and lowers costs, including the expense of a dedicated line. It also increases the speed of implementations over dedicated lines.

InterChange Services currently connects 80 Black Knight lender integrations with more than 400 Black Knight service provider integrations and supports file transfers, CICS transactions and Mortgage Web Services. This EDI solution enhances the integrity of file transfers and accelerates service operation timelines. Complementing this business-to-business electronic solution for lenders and their service providers is Black Knight’s Mortgage Web Services.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) enable the fast transmission of digital content and capabilities between users and providers. Black Knight API integrations are the ideal technology to support the rapid development system integrations. 

Mortgage Web Services (MWS) are functional groupings of MSP and third-party data and services that Black Knight makes available to lenders and service providers using standard transfer protocols (HTTPS) and interfaces (SOAP, XML, JSON and REST). The suite of Black Knight MWS integrations overcomes the technical challenges of accessing and integrating MSP and third-party data at the loan-level and provides a secure and highly efficient means of data exchange with customers, interchange clients and employees. 

Data Integration Services (DIS) is a bi-directional XML web-based tool that enables users to access Black Knight systems to monitor events on a loan, retrieve new referrals, and send and receive any supporting documentation. By eliminating manual data entry between systems, the Black Knight DIS integration helps improve cycle times, lower operational costs and reduce overall risk for servicers, attorneys and service providers.

The mission of InterChange Services is to be proactive in understanding our clients’ needs and to provide a solution-based presentation of Black Knight products and services. InterChange Services strives to add value to operations, rather than being another vendor to manage.

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There are many different connectivity options for InterChange Services. Connectivity selection is determined by your performance and cost requirements.

IC Web SFTP (Internet)

With IC Web SFTP, you can use your own SSH-enabled software to transmit files to and from MSP via the Internet using an SSH-based secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). Using IC Web SFTP, you can push (“put”) files to your assigned Mailbox once logged in. In order to receive files however, Black Knight must push the desired files outbound to you.

IC Web SFTP provides multi-layered security using 128-256 AES encryption with the option of RSA/DSA public keys or passphrases. Files are transmitted via Black Knight’s trusted network through an encrypted tunnel with all necessary SSH handshaking and verification performed behind the scenes.

IC Web VPN (Internet)

Black Knight has developed an Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) communications option. The VPN enables IP traffic to travel securely over a public TCP/IP network (the Internet) by encrypting all traffic from one network to another. A VPN uses “tunneling” to encrypt all information at the IP level. The VPN uses IPSec, a framework of open standards for ensuring private communications. The speed of the connection from the Internet to the InterChange is controlled by contracting for guaranteed bandwidth from 64K to 512K.

Dedicated Connection (MLPS)

Customers requiring a dedicated connection to the network to support large or frequent file transfers, or for supporting a high volume of online transactions with multiple users may choose this option. Black Knight supports multiple infrastructures for the dedicated MPLS connection (e.g., NDM, FTP).


InterChange Services Sales and Account Management

The goal of the InterChange Sales and Account Management group is to provide not only the sale, but “service after the sale.”

InterChange Services Implementation

The goal is to provide quality project management, implementation and support to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We will provide our clients with one focal point from project initiation to execution for a successful, well-organized InterChange implementation.

EDI Support

InterChange Services EDI Controls & Audit system was developed to allow clients to easily determine the status of transmissions. The system provides an automated tool to monitor and audit transmissions through online screens and retains data for up to three months, providing an audit trail of data transmission information.

InterChange Services Client Support

InterChange Services Client Support provides premier support services on a consistent basis to our InterChange Services clients. InterChange Services Client Support is a term used to describe the focal point of contact between the customer and Black Knight, ensuring that we meet our customers’ needs. This team will listen to your needs, discuss your support issues and provide solutions, as well as handle issues quickly and efficiently. Follow this link to the InterChange Services Client Support website or use your Black Knight Lending Portal login to access the MSP clients’ InterChange Services Client Support website.


Compliance with regulations and statutes set forth by government agencies and other third parties is critical to the success of any mortgage-related organization. The InterChange services team of experts helps to verify that requirements for data delivery are satisfied. For example, many of the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) require data to be delivered and received in ANSI X12 format. Major insurance carriers also require the mortgage community to submit borrower insurance information using X12. Black Knight InterChange accommodates both requirements. Black Knight continuously works with these agencies to create the most efficient and compliant network available.


  • MSP Web Services (MWS)
  • Data Integration Services (DIS)
  • CICS Access to MSP
  • Web Direct Access to MSP


  • File Transfer (SFTP, NDM, FTPS)
  • Director
  • Passport
  • iDisburse


  • MSP Test Regions
  • Event Notifications
  • Navigator (MSP Documentation)
  • Professional Services, Custom Development and Client Support