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How do I sign my documents?

How do I sign my documents?

Step 1. From the Dashboard page, select the “Sign” icon; however, by selecting either (New, Due, or Documents) on the To-Do List will allow access to the electronic document.

Note: If you have more than one set of documents to sign, you will be taken to the “Documents” page, where you can select which specific signature documents you’d like to complete first.

Step 2. It’s easy to navigate right to where you need to sign. Documents that need to be signed will be marked with a pencil on the left-hand side of the page. As you scroll through your documents, at the top of each page will be a large red flag indicating how many are required for that page.  The counts are constantly updated as the user moves through the document signing.

If your system is set up to have the “Next Signature” button, you can simply click this button, which will navigate you directly to each action you need to take.

Step 3. To sign your document, simply click on the “SIGN HERE” text, located within fields where you need to sign.

  1. To clear a signature or un-sign, simply click on it.
  2. Optional and Required tabs will have an illuminated appearance to help identify where to click:

Step 4. After you have completed all necessary actions, you will be prompted to submit your documents. The “Next” button will be replaced with “Submit” when all documents have been signed.  Understand that your documents are not considered complete until you submit. You can either submit at the time you are prompted, or you can continue to review your documents and use the Submit button, located on the left-hand side of the page to get your documents to your lender.

Step 5:  When the package has been completed, under the “Documents” tab the status will show as 100% complete.