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How do I register for Consumer Inbox?

How do I register for Consumer Inbox?

When documents are first delivered, there will be an email that contains a link to access your account.  Click on the link it will populate the login page; this screen will display your username (email address) by default.

  • Note: Please keep in mind, anytime during this registration process should the registration window close or if the cancel button is pressed the registration process will end.  Therefore, you will need to re-enter your information because it will not be saved.

Step 1. Click the Next button to proceed.

Step 2.  To protect your information, you are required to authenticate your identity prior to creating an account. There will be a range of 2 – 4 questions that must be answered in order to move forward.  These answers would have been established with your agent beforehand. If the answers are not being accepted, please contact your agent to verify the information.

Step 3. Follow the directions on the screen to create a secure password.

Step 4. Select your security questions and image

Step 5. Consent to electronic delivery