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How do I pick up my eCN documents?

How do I pick up my eCN documents?

An email notification is received once documents have arrived.   This email will identify the property address, and give a direct link to access the package.

  • Log into the system using your username (email address), and the password you created when you registered your account.
  • Select your name.
  • Select the business function your company will be performing for the closing transaction.

Note: The business function(s) selected during registration will be marked with a checkmark. If a business function was not selected during the registration process, it will update your profile when you select it here.

  • Click “next”.


  • Identify which underwriter is responsible for the policy.  The options available come from the title underwriters you identified during registration and the agent ID.
  • Required data is denoted with a red asterisk; you will need to add data before you can proceed.
  • Click “next”.

  • Select how funds will be sent to you.
  • Enter all required data. If data was added during registration, it will be there by default.
  • Click “finish”


  • You will be asked to consent to receiving documents.
  • Check the box to confirm agreement.
  • Click “continue”.

  • You will be taken to the screen to download and print all necessary documents.