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How do I navigate through the My Loans Screen?

How do I navigate through the My Loans Screen?

I have an older email containing a link to pick up a specific loan package, or have bookmarked a link from an email. When I click the link, I’m taken to the “My Loans” page and not directly to the specific loan package. Why is this?

The link in the email is most likely pointing to a loan package that has been archived and is no longer available, taking you to the My Loans page instead. Please bookmark or click the general link to log in at

How is the My Loans Screen Used?

The My Loans screen contains all of the loan documents that are available for viewing and printing from your document recipient account.

The features that are available on the My Loans page for assisting with navigation and finding document sets are:

  • Pagination Controls:  A set of 25 documents is displayed per page. The forward and backward arrows are used to navigate through the pages.

  •  Views: (Active Loans / Unread / Completed): Using these views will allow a user to narrow down the records displayed on the My Loans screen to assist with finding document sets. The default view for the My Loans screen is the active loans view.

  • Refresh Data:  This will refresh the list of available document sets for viewing and printing, which will prevent a user from having to click the refresh button on the browser to refresh the entire page.
  • Search:  Use the search feature for real-time searching of the list of available document sets. As additional search criteria is entered, the document set will update to reflect the document sets that match the search criteria.