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How do I electronically sign my loan documents?

How do I electronically sign my loan documents?

To start the electronic signing of documents please follow these steps:

1.  Click the link in the email you received informing you that you received documents.

2.  Log in with your Authentication Answers.

3.  Click “Review and Sign”.

4.  Select  “Decline” or “Accept” on the consent form.  (Consent form allows you to “Accept” or “Decline” electronic signing of documents).

Note:  If you decline electronic signing, the documents will automatically be processed by our print center and sent via U.S. Mail.

5.  Click on “Review and Sign”



6.  Click “next” and that will move you forward to the first document. Or you can select documents from the left margin under “Review and Sign.”

7.  Chose  “Click to Sign” or “Click to Initial”.

8. Click  “Next Signature,” and this will move you throughout the document to each signature location.



9.  Once all documents are signed, please verify all documents are complete; by checking under “Review and Sign” on the left margin.  All documents with a green check mark indicate the signing is completed for that document.  If there are documents without a mark, click on them to be taken you to the document that needs to be signed.



10. Click on the gold “Proceed to Completion” button.


Note:  This button will not be accessible until all documents have been signed.

11.  Submit signed documents.  You will receive an email that you have completed the signing process and that you will be able to log in to view or print your completed documents.