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Step 1.  Log into your account.  On “Your To-Do List”,  there are two icons accessible (New and Upload).

Step 2. Select either “New” or “Upload”, (either option will go to step 3).

Step 3: Click on “Upload”.

Step 4: Browse to the location where the required documents are located, (only one document can be loaded per time).  There is a maximum file size of 100MB. Click “OK”.

Step 5:  Click “OK”, if you have only one document to upload. If there are multiple documents to add click “add more documents” and repeat step 3.

Step 6:  When all documents have been uploaded, all documents will appear under the “Document” section on the left margin where they can be reviewed.

Note:  Once documents have been uploaded, they can’t be deleted or removed.  Please, be careful of what is being uploaded to the system.  

First, ensure you are using the correct email address. Have the recipient check their “junk” and/or “spam” folders. If they are still unable to locate their documents, the Black Knight technical support group will be able to verify that the documents have been posted to the delivery system. To contact technical support, please call 800.905.0939.

I have an older email containing a link to pick up a specific loan package, or have bookmarked a link from an email. When I click the link, I’m taken to the “My Loans” page and not directly to the specific loan package. Why is this?

The link in the email is most likely pointing to a loan package that has been archived and is no longer available, taking you to the My Loans page instead. Please bookmark or click the general link to log in at https://secure.elynx.net/ecn/r

How is the My Loans Screen Used?

The My Loans screen contains all of the loan documents that are available for viewing and printing from your document recipient account.

The features that are available on the My Loans page for assisting with navigation and finding document sets are:

  • Pagination Controls:  A set of 25 documents is displayed per page. The forward and backward arrows are used to navigate through the pages.
  •  Views: (Active Loans / Unread / Completed): Using these views will allow a user to narrow down the records displayed on the My Loans screen to assist with finding document sets. The default view for the My Loans screen is the active loans view.
  • Refresh Data:  This will refresh the list of available document sets for viewing and printing, which will prevent a user from having to click the refresh button on the browser to refresh the entire page.
  • Search:  Use the search feature for real-time searching of the list of available document sets. As additional search criteria is entered, the document set will update to reflect the document sets that match the search criteria.

To update the business function:

1.  Log into eClosingNet

2. Select your name

3. Click on “Account” (top right corner)

4.  Select “Business Functions”

5. Select updated information

6. Click “finish”.

To update the insurance information:

1.  Log into eClosingNet.

2. Select your name.

3. Click on Account (top right corner).

4.  Select Insurance Information.

5. Select the type of insurance and answer the fields accordingly. Declaration pages from E&O insurance can be uploaded and stored.

* Documents can be in a PDF, image (jpg, tif, gif, png), or Microsoft format.

  1. Upload declaration from saved location on your computer.
  2. Click browse, browse to location of saved declaration.
  3. Click OK. The file will now be added to your profile.

6. Click “finish”.

To update the license information:

1.  Log into eClosingNet.

2. Select your name.

3. Click on “Account” (top right corner).

4.  Select “License Information”.

5. Choose the license type and enter relevant license information pertaining to the license.

6. Click “finish”.

After a document has been posted to our delivery site, it has a certain amount of time that it can sit on the site, depending on which company it came from. After that time has expired, the package is archived and removed from the delivery site. In most cases, documents can’t be unarchived. So, in that situation they would need to be re-submitted by the original sender.

1.  Once a document has been declined for electronic retrieval, it is sent to theBlack KnightPrint Center, where it will be printed and mailed to the address specified by the sender within 3 – 4 business days via USPS, FedEx or UPS overnight.

2.  If a recipient has declined electronic delivery of the package, it can be reversed. Please refer to this article on how to reverse this option.

If you’ve clicked on the link in the email you received and nothing happens, or the link cannot be clicked, the link has been disabled. Ensure the email is in your inbox; if the email is in a junk, spam, or bulk folder that will cause the link to be disabled. Should this happen, you will need to move the email to your inbox to proceed. To connect to the site, you will need to do the following:

  1. Highlight and copy the link, then paste the link into your web browser, or
  2. Manually type the link in your browser if you don’t have the ability to copy and paste.  However, keep in mind that you will need to type in the URL exactly as it is shown.

If the demonstration of access code is not visible, please install the latest version of the Adobe Reader here: https://get.adobe.com/reader

** If you do not want to install the optional software, uncheck the box that says “Yes, install …”. **

If you are currently running a version that was upgraded from a previous version, you may need to uninstall Adobe Reader and reinstall it from the link above.

The uninstall should be performed using the utility provided with your operating system.  For most PCs, this can be accessed by using the Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall option.

Once Adobe Reader is installed, make sure you run it for the first time by going to Start > All Programs > Adobe Reader X (X being the version you have installed. Consent to the agreement if it pops up.

Browsers supported for the uSign product include the following:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • IE 10.0 & 11.0
  • Chrome – Designed to support most current and immediately prior version
  • Firefox – Designed to support most current and immediately prior version
  • Safari for Mac – Designed to support most current and immediately prior version

Note: If you receive a message stating “the current browser being used is not supported”, you may be using an outdated version of that browser and should upgrade to the most recent version.

Why is there a watermark on my documents?

There will be a watermark of “Pending HUD-1 Approval” until the lender approves the HUD-1. Once the HUD-1 is approved by the lender, the watermark will be removed.

Why am I not able to edit the HUD-1 Data on the eLynx eCN website?

1. You are only viewing a historical version of the HUD-1. Be sure to check and see which version of the HUD-1 you are viewing.
2. If you are an integrated settlement agent, the HUD-1 will be read-only. As an integrated settlement agent, you are only able to enter comments to an individual HUD-1 line and general comments on the top of the first page.
3. If you are a lender, the HUD-1 will be read-only. You are only able to enter comments to an individual HUD-1 line and general Comments on the top of the first page.
4. If you have submitted the HUD-1 to the lender, it will be read-only until the lender approves or rejects it.

Is this an executable HUD-1?

No. eHUD is a reconciliation tool, not a document generation tool. The printable HUD-1 that is provided will have a “For Reference Only” watermark on it. It should only be used to aid in the reconciliation process.

I can’t view the entire width of the HUD-1 on the screen. How can I change the screen to see more of the form?

On the top of the left panel where documents are listed, there is a double-arrows icon. Click this button to expand (and collapse) the left panel, providing more space on the screen to view the HUD-1.

Why do I have more than three pages for the HUD-1?

If you are using Internet Explorer versions 6 or 7, the pagination will display differently than if you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or Firefox.

For detailed information on how to use eHUD, please view the eHUD Users Guide.

To start the electronic signing of documents please follow these steps:

1.  Click the link in the email you received informing you that you received documents.

2.  Log in with your Authentication Answers.

3.  Click “Review and Sign”.

4.  Select  “Decline” or “Accept” on the consent form.  (Consent form allows you to “Accept” or “Decline” electronic signing of documents).Note:  If you decline electronic signing, the documents will automatically be processed by our print center and sent via U.S. Mail.

5.  Click on “Review and Sign”

6.  Click “next” and that will move you forward to the first document. Or you can select documents from the left margin under “Review and Sign.”

7.  Chose  “Click to Sign” or “Click to Initial”.

8. Click  “Next Signature,” and this will move you throughout the document to each signature location.

9.  Once all documents are signed, please verify all documents are complete; by checking under “Review and Sign” on the left margin.  All documents with a green check mark indicate the signing is completed for that document.  If there are documents without a mark, click on them to be taken you to the document that needs to be signed.

10. Click on the gold “Proceed to Completion” button.

Note:  This button will not be accessible until all documents have been signed. 

11.  Submit signed documents.  You will receive an email that you have completed the signing process and that you will be able to log in to view or print your completed documents.

Step 1. From the Dashboard page, select the “Sign” icon; however, by selecting either (New, Due, or Documents) on the To-Do List will allow access to the electronic document.

Note: If you have more than one set of documents to sign, you will be taken to the “Documents” page, where you can select which specific signature documents you’d like to complete first.

Step 2. It’s easy to navigate right to where you need to sign. Documents that need to be signed will be marked with a pencil on the left-hand side of the page. As you scroll through your documents, at the top of each page will be a large red flag indicating how many are required for that page.  The counts are constantly updated as the user moves through the document signing.

If your system is set up to have the “Next Signature” button, you can simply click this button, which will navigate you directly to each action you need to take.

Step 3. To sign your document, simply click on the “SIGN HERE” text, located within fields where you need to sign.

  1. To clear a signature or un-sign, simply click on it.
  2. Optional and Required tabs will have an illuminated appearance to help identify where to click:

Step 4. After you have completed all necessary actions, you will be prompted to submit your documents. The “Next” button will be replaced with “Submit” when all documents have been signed.  Understand that your documents are not considered complete until you submit. You can either submit at the time you are prompted, or you can continue to review your documents and use the Submit button, located on the left-hand side of the page to get your documents to your lender.

Step 5:  When the package has been completed, under the “Documents” tab the status will show as 100% complete.

If a package is declined, the consent can be reversed by doing the following:

Step 1:

Click on user info.

Select preferences.

Step 2:

Click on Change Consent

Step 3:

Enter the access code provided.

Click on “I Agree”.

Notify agent to resend package.

There are a few reasons why the agent may not have received your completed signed documents:

1.  In order for documents to be successfully sent back, both borrowers will need to complete the signing process.

2.  Once you have completed signing all your documents, please make sure that all steps are finalized.  To verify that all documents are signed, please refer to “Documents” on the left margin. A green check mark indicates which documents are complete.


3.  There will be a screen prompt to submit documents and to click “OK”.

Example 1:

Example 2:

The last step can be easily overlooked; if this last step is not performed, documents will not be received by the agent.

Note:  Both parties will need to sign the same set of documents sent on the same day and time.  Accessing opposite email notification sent at different times will not work; therefore, please pay special attention to the timestamp to make sure both parties are signing the same set of documents.

If you have discovered information on your documents that is incorrect, we ask that you do the following:

1. Directly contact your representative at the financial institution that sent you documents. The institution will instruct you on how you should proceed. The sender’s information is provided in the email you’ve received.

2. Once documents have been sent to Black Knight, we are not able to modify any documents. Your institution is the only source able to correct any information.

Note: These are legal document. Should you have concerns or questions before signing, please follow up with your representative. Keep in mind documents will not be successfully submitted unless all documents are signed.

This means that the ability to sign the documents electronically has expired. If you wish to sign the documents electronically, you will need to contact your loan agent or lender and have them re-send the documents to you again.

In other words this means the documents have not been initiated before the allotted time frame. The allotted time frame ranges from 3 days – 30 days according to the client’s instructions. However, there is a chance that the electronic signature process was started but never finished within the allotted time given for downloading.

For Usign customers, if documents were posted multiple times and they were never deleted, before sending a new set, it will stay in the system until it reaches the expiration period. As time nears expiration you will receive an automatic email that documents are approaching expiration or that they have expired. Note:  Expired electronic signing only means the signing functionality online has expired and not the loan itself.

Below you can find educational videos on our products and services.

Registration for Settlement Partners

Lenders use the Expedite platform to securely send closing packages to settlement partners. You must be registered with Expedite to access these closing documents, and a single account offer access to packages from different lenders. So if you already have an account, you do not need to register again.

If you do not have an account, this video will show you how to register with the system so you can receive documents.

Document Pickup for Settlement Partners

Lenders use the Expedite platform to securely send closing packages to settlement partners. This video will show you how to quickly find and access these documents.

To access your account information, you must first be logged into the system.

Step 1.  Navigate to the “Accounts” tab.

This page provides your unique account number and information for whom to contact at your financial institution if you need any extra assistance.

From this page, you can also access documents sent to you that are specific to each account you may have in the system by selecting the “Documents” button that corresponds with the account you’d like to access.

To update your Agent ID perform the following steps:

1.  Log into eClosingNet

2. Select your name

3. Click on Account (top right corner)

4.  Select Agent ID

5.  Select appropriate underwriter

6.  Update Agent ID.Note:  Please follow the correct format for that Underwriter when updating the Agent ID. 

7.  Click “finish”

To update the wiring info:

  1. Log into your eCN account.
  2. Select “Account” (top right corner); and click on the drop down list.
  3. Click “Wiring Info”.

4.  Select the appropriate bank to update wiring information

5. Click “Edit”.

6.  Type in updated information ( Bank Routing/ABA Number, Account Number, Account Name)

7.  Click Save

The Inbox allows you to provide an alternate email address (in addition to the primary email address established with the account). To add an alternate email address, you must successfully log into the Inbox first.

Step 1.  Navigate to the “User Info” section displayed within the navigation bar. After clicking “User Info”, select “Preferences”.

Step 2. After selecting “Preferences”, you should be directed to the “Preferences” page. Provide a valid email address for use as an alternate email address.

Windows 7 64 – Bit Operating System

To download/print documents successfully on a Windows 7 64-bit machine please do the following:

Click the “Start Menu”

Go to “Programs” or “All Programs”.

There will be two options for Internet Explorer: (Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer 64-Bit).

Select only “Internet Explorer” (IE).  IE will open in a new window.

Minimize IE (by clicking on the minus button in the top right corner).

Return to email notification received.

Copy the link provided in the email:

  1. Highlight the link ( it will be highlighted in blue).  This should be the only line marked.
  2. Right click on highlighted link  and left click on copy or you can use your keyboard by pressing CTRL + C.

* Please Note:  You will not see anything occur until you paste the link.

Click on the IE tab that has been minimized in the earlier instructions to open.

Go to address bar, and delete the current address:

  1. Right click in the address bar and left click on paste or you can use your keyboard by pressing CTRL + V.
  2. You will see the address to the website appear.
  3. Click “enter”.

The login screen will appear and you will proceed as normal.

If documents haven’t loaded, please refer to the section on “Compatibility Mode”.

If you have not received a notification email that your package is awaiting you, there are several possible reasons:

  1. The email has gone to your junk, spam or bulk folder
  2. If it is in one of these folders, move it back to your inbox to activate the link to your documents.
  3. Add techsupport@elynx.com to your safe sender’s list so the email will be properly delivered to your inbox in the future.
  4. The email address was misspelled. Contact the sender of the package to verify they have the correct spelling (including punctuation) of your email address.
  5. It was blocked either by your email provider or your company’s email server’s spam filter.
  6. If it was blocked by your email provider, you will need to contact them and ask them to allow emails from techsupport@elynx.com to be delivered.
  7. If your company has its own email servers, ask your IT department to add techsupport@elynx.com to their safe senders or white list. This will allow the emails to arrive in your inbox in a timely fashion.

If you are receiving documents through Electronic Closing Network (eCN), you have another alternative to retrieve documents without having the email notification.

  1. eCN – enter https://secure.elynx.net/ecn/r  into the address bar of your web browser.  This will take you directly to the eCN logon page.  Enter your email address and password and you will be able to retrieve your documents.

This occurs when you click on the URL provided in the email, and you get a blank screen when it opens in a new browser window.  Some operating systems will not open the website unless it’s recognized as a trusted site.  To add the site to your list of trusted sites, you will need to:

  1. From the Internet Explorer toolbar, click on ToolsInternet Options, then the Security tab.  Under the SecurityTab, click on the Trusted sites icon, select Sites, click on the Add button, then type in https://secure.elynx.net, click Close, and then click OK.
  2. At this time you may want to clean out your temporary Internet files and cookies by doing the following: From the Internet Explorer toolbar click on ToolsInternet Options, General tab, go to Browser History and click on Delete – you should only have Temporary Internet filesCookies, and Preserve Favorites website data checked, then click Delete, and once finished, click OK.
  3. Close all browser windows, go back to the email and click on the URL link within the email, and you should now be able to load the website.

Password Reset

To support site security, you will be required to change your password every forty-five (45) days, and verify your contact information every ninety (90) days.  Once registered you can change/update the password by doing the following:

1. Select “Account” (top right corner), and click on the drop down list

2. Click “Password”

3.  Enter new password

What are the password requirements for the website?

Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters in length and must contain the following: at least one (1) number, at least one (1) upper case, at least one (1) lower case and at least one (1) special character. For example, Sy!Pan82392.

Strict password requirements prevent unauthorized users from easily guessing your password or from using malicious computer systems to force their way into your account.

Does my password expire?

All passwords automatically expire after forty-five (45) days. You will be prompted to change your passwords ten (10) days prior to expiration.

What should I do if I’ve lost or forgotten my password?

On the Login page, click the “Forgot your password?” link to display the “Forgotten Password” screen. Type in the email address associated with the recipient account, and click the “Send” button. A message will display stating that an email has been sent to that address. Next, click the “Log In” link in the upper right to return to the “Login” screen. Check your email Inbox for that email address to obtain the password to log in.

What should I do if my account automatically logs out?

Your account will automatically time-out if you are idle for fifteen (15) minutes. If this occurs, simply log back into your account.

I tried to log in several times with the wrong password and now my account is locked. What should I do?

After five (5) attempts to login with the incorrect password, your account will be locked. Your account will automatically unlock fifteen (15) minutes after your last incorrect attempt. After fifteen (15) minutes, you may try to access your account again.

What should I do if I did not receive the email notification for a document or my password?

First, check your spam folder or junk mail folder to see if the message arrived there. If it did, mark the message as “not spam” or “not junk” so future messages arrive in your Inbox. If the message is not in your junk mail folder, contact your email system administrator to investigate why you are not receiving emails from Black Knight.

MultiFactor Authentication, is a two-step process used to define a more secure user experience.

To begin registering the account, do the following:

Step 1: Enter the answers to the following questions.  These answers were established with your agent before this registration process. If the answers are not working, it is recommended to contact your agent for verification.

Step 2: Create a password.  Be sure to follow the password criteria listed below.

Step 3: Select an option “code sent to phone”, “Google Authenticator”, or “print backup code”.  Be sure to select “This is a private device”, which will prevent you from being asked to enter a code when logging into the site.

Select “send code to my phone when needed” (Recommended).  Enter a phone number for the six-digit numeric code to be sent to.

Type in the code and click verify and click next.

Click “Next” to bypass the optional phone number entry.

If you have no alternate phone number, click “finish”

The Google Authenticator application can be accessed by using an Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

1. Instructions for Android

2. Instructions for iPhone

3. Instruction for Blackberry

For security reasons, the application will ask you to change your password every 90 days. However,  it can be changed at any time. To begin, you must be successfully logged into the system.

Step 1. Navigate to the “User Info” section displayed in navigation bar. After clicking “User Info”, select “Change Password”.

Step 2. After selecting “Change Password”, you will be directed to the “Change Password” page. There, you must provide a secure password that meets all requirements listed on the page. Remember, your new password must be different than any previous password you’ve used for Inbox.

  • Note: Be sure to follow the site requirements when creating your password.

Step 3. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to finalize your changes.

There are a few ways you can retrieve your password.

  1. Click on the “Forgot Password” link and input your email address.  The system will send you an email confirming your password after confirming the security question(s).
  2. For uSign customers, please click on, “Need Help with Authentication Answers,” and type in your email address. You will be sent back the password information in a separate email.

Note:  Passwords are case-sensitive; please enter your password exactly how you see it in the email.

For security purposes the account will automatically lock if the wrong login information is used after a certain number of attempts.

The following suggestions will help to gain access successfully:

  • For eCN and Expedite users, the account will automatically unlock after 15 minutes.

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