Secondary Marketing Automation

Gain a competitive edge by automating secondary marketing functions with Black Knight’s industry-leading solutions. Our technology for secondary marketing assists with simplifying the loan trading process, correspondent bidding, automating pull-through changes, hedge ratios, position and profitability reconciliation, and more.

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With our solutions, you can provide quotes backed by real-time market data faster than ever before. We help secondary marketers efficiently deliver more accurate pricing and valuations, a vital component for staying competitive in today’s ever-changing market. Automating your secondary market actions allows you to focus on strengthening other aspects of your business, empowering you to become a top competitor in your market.

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Risk management platform that provides the tools, reporting, calculations and automation capabilities to supports lenders’ needs.

Counterparty Oversight℠

Confidently support third-party oversight due diligence and monitoring demands.

Investor Content Distribution

Engage with thousands of mortgage lenders and profit from an array of opportunities.

Investor Prospect Marketing

Comprehensive prospect marketing and data analysis tools that enable investors to research and understand client volume and trends, and identify and develop new business opportunities.

Loansifter® PPE

Self-service product, pricing and eligibility engine designed exclusively for mortgage brokers.

MSR Platform℠

Offers tiered MSR solutions to meet the needs of any size servicer.

Optimal Blue® Secondary Services

Manage your true net hedge position, mitigate interest rate risk in your mortgage pipeline and improve profitability.

Optimal Blue® PPE

The industry’s most widely used product, pricing and eligibility (PPE) engine.

Lender assessing analytics for lending profile on laptop
Competitive Analytics

Understand exactly where you stand in comparison to peers in every market.

Mortgage broker discussing enterprise analytics, as indicated by charts and graphs on laptop with two borrowers
Enterprise Analytics

Make smarter decisions with complete enterprise visibility into your mortgage operations.

Lender assessing analytics using charts and graphs on a laptop at a desk.
Mandatory Analytics

A single investor portal to gain clarity on the competitiveness of executions, identify and isolate gaps in strategies, and take action to better optimize organizational efforts

Mortgage broker assessing market analysis with price trend dropping over time.
Market Analytics

Comprehensive profile of the primary mortgage market for investment, operations and marketing professionals nationwide

Originator Pricing Insight

Comparisons of best execution in real time against other mortgage lenders.

create a customized automation solution

Our customizable automation solutions enable us to design a solution that strengthens your business strategy and provides exceptional results.


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