Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Black Knight’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions can help improve efficiency, lower loan processing costs and speed up loan turn times. Our proprietary, cutting-edge AI/ML technology automates repetitive manual tasks – helping you optimize costs while accelerating processes and increasing volume.

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Take advantage of our innovative solutions that can help you automate repetitive manual tasks for classifying documents, extracting data, and advanced validations and tools.

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Cutting-edge, cloud-based solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform repetitive, manual tasks at scale.

Empower® Loan Origination System

Loan origination system that drives the entire loan origination process – from point of sale to post-closing.

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Underwriter Assist℠

Improve the quality and efficiency of the underwriting process via AI, advanced business rules and integrated decisioning capabilities.


Innovative mobile app to upload strategic property photos and verify property data to streamline the home equity lending process.

A Leader in AI for Origination Technologies

Leverage AIVA from Black Knight, a leader in AI solutions for origination technologies. Loan processing often includes repetitive “stare and compare” tasks that slow down your workflow and increase the risk of errors. With AIVA, you can automate these tasks to increase efficiency, identify and mitigate risk, reduce costs and find opportunities to grow your business.


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