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Underwriter Assist℠

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  • AI-driven underwriter workflow to work faster and smarter
  • Streamlines downstream processes by delivering consistent results
  • Helps improve your turn times with a digital interface and configurable rules

Underwriter Assist℠ is a powerful solution that helps improve the quality and efficiency of the underwriting process by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), advanced business rules and integrated decisioning capabilities. Using this innovative solution, you can perform your job with an organized, easy to understand, modern interface.

Improving the Underwriting Experience

Underwriter Assist can help you increase productivity by eliminating manual calculations and reviews. The solution leverages Black Knight’s AI/machine learning technology for “lights out” document classification and data extraction as well as a configurable rules engine to deliver robust automation and a dynamic underwriting workflow.

Underwriter Assist integrates into Empower®, Black Knight’s LOS, which helps to reduce risk and streamline processes to mitigate loan audit control issues.

This easy-to-use solution can help improve job satisfaction and retention by making it easier for your underwriters to review loan scenarios and make confident decisions.

Underwriter Assist does exactly that – it assists. The solution is meant to complement and enhance the work of experienced underwriters, not replace them. Underwriter Assist specifically addresses the quality and productivity challenges. This facilitates an environment where automation and digitization give underwriters a much-needed break from time-draining, manual steps in the process, freeing them up to focus on the most critical parts of their jobs: complex analyses and decisioning.

Enable Focused Decision-Making

Enable your underwriters to review loan scenarios with confidence, helping them to do more while reducing operating costs.

Automate the Heavy Lifting

Let Underwriter Assist perform the manual, repeatable tasks that slow underwriters down, while verifying your requirements are being met.

Decision-Based Details

Help your underwriters make more effective decisions with Underwriter Assist’s detailed analyses of loan packages.

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