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Surefire℠ CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine

  • Helps you win new business and drive repeat business
  • Automate your mortgage marketing
  • Intuitive workflows and award-winning content
  • Maintain and deepen connections in the industry

The Black Knight Surefire℠ CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine helps thousands of mortgage professionals win new business, drive repeat business and earn more business relationships. With intuitive set-it-and-forget-it workflows and award-winning content, you can effortlessly maintain and deepen your connections with borrowers, recruits, members, brokers and real estate agents – all through one powerful platform.

About Surefire

The Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine can help you close more loans and create customers for life. Surefire automates your borrower outreach throughout the mortgage process, delivering award-winning, timely content to borrowers tailored to their current loan milestones. Surefire also distributes leads, nurtures them to application, and educates and informs borrowers throughout the application and funding process. And once the loan is closed, Surefire keeps the conversation going with omni-channel outreach to help capture repeat business.

For mortgage professionals, earning lifelong customers means earning greater profits. The key to cultivating these customers is keeping in touch, and Surefire’s milestone tracking allows you to reach borrowers with personalized, relevant content. Surefire’s post-close Client for Life campaign comes ready for automation, right out of the box. Everything from closing gifts to multimedia outreach (including text and video) are automated for years, putting your post-close outreach on autopilot.

And if you’re looking to hire, Surefire also includes ways to show prospective recruits in their future employer’s marketing emails, open-house flyers, direct-mail postcards, interactive multimedia and more — including co-branded marketing campaigns that can also spotlight a real estate agent or other business partner.

Surefire helps lenders exhibit their value as an employer to the type of loan officers they want to invest in most — ones committed to building lasting consumer and business relationships with timely, relevant and personalized mortgage marketing content.

Marketing and Content Made Easy

Surefire offers centralized marketing and LO-led marketing, with an award-winning creative library of 1,000+ pieces.

Earn New and Repeat Business

With ways to engage borrowers, recruits, real estate professionals and more, Surefire helps you drive the conversations to win business.

Set It and Forget It

Never miss a loan milestone for your borrowers. Surefire automates timely, relevant outreach so you can stay connected with your customers every step of their journey.

Meet Your Borrowers Where They Are

Surefire helps you market via social media, text messaging, printed materials and more.

The Personal Touch

Provide customized mortgage content that comes from you, to help engage and retain customers.

Support Compliance

Surefire comes with a full content compliance management system that supports RESPA, TCPA and CCPA requirements, and features audit-ready reporting and assistance services.

Mortgage Loan Origination Solutions

The Surefire CRM comes with a vast library of marketing content, including multi-channel facets and interactive outreach. In addition, Surefire is equipped with Consumer Direct to help automate and centralize leads.

Sales Tools Integration

Help the seller side of your business stay top of mind by leveraging third-party sales tools like MortgageCoach, MBS Highway, MonitorBase and Sales Boomerang.

What Does Surefire CRM Do?

The Black Knight Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine helps thousands of mortgage professionals win new business, drive repeat business and earn the right to relationship business.

How Can I Close More Loans With Surefire?

Surefire distributes leads, nurtures them to application, educates and informs borrowers throughout the application and funding process, and provides omni-channel outreach post-close to capture repeat business.

How Do I Earn Repeat Business With Surefire?

The key to cultivating lifelong clients is keeping in touch, and Surefire’s milestone tracking allows users to reach customers with personalized, relevant content.

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Enhance Your Mortgage Marketing Plan

Are you a mortgage lender, mortgage loan officer or working in a mortgage business and are looking into generating mortgage leads? Speak to a Black Knight representative to learn more about our Surefire CRM.


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Goals Related to Surefire CRM

The main goals for a CRM like Surefire are to generate more loans through closing and to earn repeat business. Surefire allows you to automate communications throughout the mortgage process, whether through marketing strategies like search engine optimization or email marketing, blog posts and more. This marketing tool allows mortgage professionals to earn lifelong clients, in turn earning greater profits.

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