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  • Helps to streamline the home equity lending process
  • Confirms property condition with up-to-date interior and exterior photos
  • View photos of any amenities and necessary repairs

Black Knight’s innovative Validate mobile app significantly streamlines the home equity lending process for lenders, appraisal management companies (AMCs) and credit unions. With Validate, homeowners initially upload strategic property photos and verify property data, so collateral valuation and a property condition report (PCR) can be generated much earlier in the process.

Securing and Validating Property Data

Once the homeowner accesses the Validate application on their mobile phone via a lender-provided link, several fields for the property’s features are displayed, such as street address, year built, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and so on. Using Black Knight’s comprehensive property records data on more than 99% of properties in the U.S., the Validate solution automatically completes these fields. The homeowner simply confirms or updates this information.

The Validate app then prompts the homeowner to use their mobile phone’s camera to take several key photos of the property – including interior and exterior shots — and upload them directly in Validate. Homeowners have the option of uploading additional photos of any amenities or views that would impact the property’s value, such as a swimming pool, workshop, water or woodland views. GPS verification and maps show where the photos were taken to confirm their legitimacy, and the photos are also time-stamped.

Photos of any damage or necessary repairs, such as foundation cracks, leaky roof, smoke damage or peeling paint are identified and uploaded before the borrower digitally certifies that the photos are true and unaltered. The lender is also provided various authorizations, including for digital signature and permission for the lender to use the uploaded data/photos.

By combining actual property photos with artificial intelligence (AI), the AVM can more accurately reflect the property’s condition to determine its value, while saving lenders and borrowers time and money.

Calculates Property Condition

VALIDATE uses AI-trained models to assess home photos sent by the borrower, then assigns a numeric value to the home’s condition using the Uniform Appraisal Data Set’s (UAD) six condition levels.

Determines Value Range

Based on the condition of the property, VALIDATE uses a condition-adjusted AVM to provide a range of the home’s value.

Runs Comps and Equity

Using additional technology tools and public records data from Black Knight, VALIDATE provides a similarity score compared to other homes in the market, and the property’s estimated equity is calculated.

Multiple Verifications

Homeowner-provided photos are time-stamped and verified by GPS and maps to have been taken at the property’s location.

Easily Integrated

VALIDATE can be integrated into a lender’s mobile or PC application.

Leveraging AI for Higher Valuation Accuracy

Using AI-trained models and other data and tools, VALIDATE calculates the home’s condition before providing a range for the home value.

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