Regulatory Assist℠

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  • Helps reduce the costs and time associated with loan-level compliance testing
  • Ability to configure the solution to support your TRID tolerances
  • Supports a comprehensive scope of federal and state compliance checks
  • Allows for on-the-go issue remediation

Regulatory Assist℠ is a centralized rules engine that enables you to more easily and quickly perform a broad scope of both state and federal loan-level compliance validation tests. The solution automatically returns a detailed report identifying the overall risk of a loan and the status of each test. The report also includes a description of all conditions that need to be cleared, allowing for on-the-go issue remediation and reducing the time spent making corrections later in the process.

Address Complex Compliance Challenges With Ease

Regulatory Assist, which integrates directly with the Empower® loan origination system (LOS) – as well as other loan origination platforms – is designed to help you streamline the time-consuming compliance-testing process and make compliance validation easier and quicker.

With Regulatory Assist, you can run “lights-out” validations based on personalized configurations, with no manual intervention by leveraging the Empower Orchestration Engine or run specific regulatory tests from a “Quick Select” screen.

Regulatory Assist then displays an overall risk level and other important messages to help you understand the test results. The solution also alerts you when actions may be required and supports on-the-go issue remediation.

Test results are saved as a PDF and stored in the Empower document repository for future reference. These results can also be viewed using Black Knight’s business intelligence dashboards so you can drill down on the loan and view current activity as well as review historical compliance testing results for additional insights.

Integrates Into Your Workflow

Incorporate compliance testing into your LOS workflow to create real-time tasks and loan conditions.

Save Time, Save Money

Regulatory Assist helps reduce the costs and time associated with loan-level compliance testing.

Test the Way You Want

Change tolerance levels or remove tests if certain regulations do not apply.

Actionable Intelligence

View current activity and review historical testing records for deeper insights.

Quick Link Validation

Select a status response or message located on the response screen that will easily navigate you to the correlating screen in the Empower LOS.

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