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residential property data

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  • Access data from a leader of collecting it from the source 
  • Accurate, reliable and up-to date
  • Nationwide coverage with unparalleled depth
  • Comprehensive data sets to meet a variety of business needs

Black Knight provides one of the most accurate and up-to-date U.S. residential property databases in the industry. As a leader in collecting data from the source, you can trust and rely on our data to support your business. Our nationwide data assets include public records information, boundaries, climate- and hazard-risk data, building-permits, local school information and much more. We offer flexible permitted-use options, so you have more control of the data and customer-centric support to help you optimize it. 

About Our Residential Property Data

Leverage our exceptional-quality residential property data to help improve business performance, prevent risk exposure, develop highly targeted marketing campaigns and much more.

Why Black Knight Residential Property Data?

  • As leader in collecting information directly from the source, you can trust and rely on our data
  • Rigorous quality control process
  • Nationwide coverage with unparalleled depth
  • Standardized data for your ease of use
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Flexible permitted-use options for more control of the data
  • The ability to link data sets to gain deeper insights

Quality You Can Count On

As a leader in collecting public records data directly from the source – county recording offices across the U.S. – we’re able to verify and update each record so we can deliver the most current and reliable information available.

We’re also able to provide you with greater data transparency, since we have firsthand knowledge of how the information is collected and defined.

Customer-Centric Support

We don’t just give you the data – Black Knight helps you optimize it to support your goals. As a leading provider of real estate and mortgage technologies, we have first-hand knowledge of how data is used to improve business performance.

Our experienced professionals focus on providing data that helps you:

  • Drive revenue opportunities
  • Monitor and mitigate risk
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Support reporting/regulatory requirements
Nationwide Coverage

Benefit from data with nationwide coverage and unparalleled depth.

Flexible Permitted-Use Options

Get greater value from the data, as well as control over how you want to use it, with our flexible permitted-use options.

Deeper Insights

Gain deeper insights about residential properties by easily linking data sets using a unique Black Knight ID.

Exceptional Quality

Leverage data that goes though rigorous quality control, so you can be confident in its reliability and currency.

Direct From the Source

Rely on Black Knight, a leading data aggregator, to deliver public records information collected directly from the source so we can verify and update each record.

Easy Access, Quick Delivery

Choose the delivery options that meets your needs: SiteXPro™ on-demand data and solutions, Match and Append, Bulk, FTP, APIs, Rapid Analytics Platform℠.

Residential Property Data and Solutions

Our suite of residential property data solutions include the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date nationwide U.S. real estate property databases in the industry.

Boundary data graphic overhead view of mixed commercial and residential properties on a sunny, summer day.
Boundary Data

Boundary data that allows for detailed spatial analysis of geographic areas by parcels, counties, neighborhoods and school districts.

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Foreclosure Data

Up-to-date, nationwide property data that covers the entire foreclosure cycle.

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Disaster, Hazard and Risk Data

Provides the critical information and alerts you need to help mitigate risk and reduce losses.

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Mortgage Transaction Data

Fast, cost-effective and reliable mortgage transaction data that reflects subject property transfers and provides info on more than 155 million parcels.

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Neighborhood Demographics Data

Access information about neighborhoods, develop targeted marketing lists and perform trending research.

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Property Tax Data

Suite of tax solutions to help reduce the costs and challenges associated with procuring property tax data.

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Public Records Data

Comprehensive, nationwide public records data from over 3,100 county recorder offices across the U.S.

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Homeowners discussing residential building permit with plumbing contractor and plans for home improvement.
Residential Building Permit Data

Comprehensive information on more than 220M building permits for residential properties across the U.S.

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Residential Market Analytics

Real-estate analytics solutions that can help you save time, manage risk and identify business-growth opportunities.

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School Data

Private and public school data from across the U.S., associated with >155M property parcels

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Learn more about our comprehensive, best-in-class residential property data today and how you can help drive business performance.

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Solutions for Residential Property Data

Our comprehensive data and actionable analytics solutions are used by industry professionals across the U.S. to help inform their critical business decisions. Select a solution suite below to learn more about our we can help transform your business. 

Goals Related to Residential Property Data

Whether you want greater data transparency or need to improve risk mitigation, find and retain customers, or lower costs related to data procurement, Black Knight can help.

Related Products & Services  

Black Knight offers deep industry knowledge and insights that you can leverage to meet your residential real estate goals. Learn more about all of our related products.  

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Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠)

Innovative, cloud-based software for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics.

SiteXPro℠ On-Demand Property Data & Solutions

Web-based access to property reports, automated valuations and our comprehensive property-record database.

Commercial Property Data

Comprehensive view of commercial properties across the U.S.

Match and Append
Match and Append

Receive the flexibility to customize a wide range of property data to meet your business needs.

SiteXPro℠ On-Demand Property Data & Solutions

Web-based access to property reports, automated valuations and our comprehensive property-record database.

Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠)

Innovative, cloud-based software for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics.