property ownership data

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  • Identify renters that may become home buyers; use the data to help determine owner-occupancy rate
  • Create lead lists to market your home products and services
  • Confirm ownership information for property insurance purposes
  • Help determine valuation based upon occupancy type

Black Knight’s property ownership data provides reliable, up-to-date and nationwide information covering 99.99% of U.S. properties. Our data goes through a rigorous quality control process, is standardized for your ease of use, and can be delivered a variety of ways to meet your business needs.

About Our Property Ownership Data

Our property ownership data covers over 155 million property parcels across more than 3,100 U.S. counties, and includes:

  • Buyer Name
  • Seller Name
  • Recording Date
  • Buyer Vesting Details
  • Tax Mailing Address
  • Tax Exemption Information
  • Occupancy Type Property
  • Legal Description

We collect the majority of our property data directly from county recorder offices across the U.S. This enables us to apply stringent quality control measures to each record so you can be confident the property ownership data is the most reliable and current available.

Customer-Centric Approach
Our highly experienced team leverages their deep industry knowledge to provide powerful insights on how you can maximize property ownership data. We also offer flexible permitted-use options so you can have more control of the data to meet your business needs.

Nationwide Coverage

Over 155 million property parcels across more than 3,100 U.S. counties.

Stringent Quality Control

Provides you with up-to-date and reliable information.

Data From the Source

Single source of data to help you save time and reduce costs.

Easy Access, Quick Delivery

Variety of delivery options to support your business needs, including Bulk, Batch, FTP, XML, API, Match and Append and Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠).

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Our comprehensive data and actionable analytics solutions are used by industry professionals across the U.S. to help inform their critical business decisions. Select a solution suite below to learn more about our we can help transform your business.

Goals Related to Property ownership Data

Black Knight’s exceptional quality data can help you lower costs, improve portfolio management, mitigate risk, find and retain customers, benchmark and more. Gain greater data visibility from a provider with first-hand knowledge and experience in collecting and using data to drive excellence.

other property data Products & Services

As a leading provider of innovative software, data and analytics, Black Knight is transforming the industry by delivering the products you need:

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  • Analytics, BI & Modeling (0)
Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠)

Innovative, cloud-based software for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics.

Borrower reviewing assignment release data on laptop from home office
Assignment and Release Data

Better understand the priority of lien positions and identify open voluntary liens.

Boundary data graphic overhead view of mixed commercial and residential properties on a sunny, summer day.
Boundary Data

Boundary data that allows for detailed spatial analysis of geographic areas by parcels, counties, neighborhoods and school districts.

Commercial Property Data

Comprehensive view of commercial properties across the U.S.

Disaster, Hazard and Risk Data

Provides the critical information and alerts you need to help mitigate risk and reduce losses.

Foreclosure Data

Up-to-date, nationwide property data that covers the entire foreclosure cycle.

Match and Append
Match and Append

Receive the flexibility to customize a wide range of property data to meet your business needs.

Mortgage Transaction Data

Fast, cost-effective and reliable mortgage transaction data that reflects subject property transfers and provides info on more than 155 million parcels.

Neighborhood Demographics Data

Access information about neighborhoods, develop targeted marketing lists and perform trending research.

Property Deeds

Up-to-date, reliable and nationwide public records property deed data.

Property Mortgage Records

Detailed property mortgage record data to help you gain important insights.

Property Tax Data

Suite of tax solutions to help reduce the costs and challenges associated with procuring property tax data.

Public Records Data

Comprehensive, nationwide public records data from over 3,100 county recorder offices across the U.S.

Residential Property Data

One of the most accurate and up-to-date U.S. residential property databases in the industry.

School Data

Private and public school data from across the U.S., associated with >155M property parcels

Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠)

Innovative, cloud-based software for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics.

Residential Market Analytics

Real-estate analytics solutions that can help you save time, manage risk and identify business-growth opportunities.