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  • Easily identify properties in an HOA or condo association
  • Mitigate HOA super lien risk and improve origination due diligence efficiency
  • Reduce the costs associated with researching HOA status

With the growing number of homeowners associations (HOAs) in the U.S., mortgage professionals need a fast and efficient method to accurately identify properties in an HOA. Black Knight can help. HOA Indicator offers a simple, scalable and cost-effective way to help you determine if a property is part of a homeowners or condo association.

About HOA Indicator

Black Knight’s HOA Indicator is a fast, easy and affordable solution that identifies if a property is in a homeowners or condo association. Mortgage and real-estate industry professionals use this intuitive solution for a variety of applications. Leverage it for origination due diligence, monitoring properties for super liens, evaluating investment decisions, streamlining HOA research during the title process and much more.

A Critical First Step That Helps Streamline HOA Identification

Drawing from our exceptional-quality, industry-leading data assets, and then applying match and append to your portfolio, the solution quickly and efficiently identifies properties subject to an HOA. Each property is flagged with a simple “yes” or “no,” providing you with an easy way to interpret the results.

With HOA Indicator, you can focus your resources on evaluating only the properties that have “yes.” And since the solution offers nationwide coverage, we’ll provide the information you’re looking for.

The Flexibility You Need

As part of our customer-centric focus, we offer highly flexible permitted-use options giving you more control of the data to meet your business needs.  You can also choose to use HOA Indicator on an ongoing or one-time basis.

Fast Turnaround Time

Information delivered between 24 – 48 hours.

Efficient and Effective

Reliable identification of a property’s HOA status so you can focus time and resources on evaluating and monitoring those properties.

Flexible Permitted Use

Highly flexible permitted-use options to give you more control of the data to meet your business needs.

Nationwide Coverage

National property coverage that allows for HOA identification in super lien states.

Reliable Data

Stringent quality control process to provide you with reliable, updated information.

Why Choose HOA Indicator?


Fast, cost-effective way to streamline the HOA identification process


Identification of 75% of properties in super lien states


Quick turnaround times


National property coverage that allows for HOA identification in super lien states


Delivery via bulk data or API


Industry leader in data standardization and matching property addresses


Black Knight unique ID, enables HOA Indicator to be combined with other data sets for additional property insights


Offered on a one-time or ongoing monitoring basis

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