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  • Save time and money on procuring assessment data
  • Leverage the most reliable, current information 
  • Flexible permitted-use and delivery options available

Procuring historical assessment data can be time-consuming and costly – but not with Black Knight. We offer fast, cost-effective information that delivers exceptional quality. Our assessment data provides nationwide coverage for more complete due diligence, analysis and other actionable results. And as a leader in collecting data from the source, we can apply stringent quality control to deliver the most reliable, current information available.

About Our Historical Assessment Data

Black Knight’s detailed, nationwide historical assessment data includes information dating all the way back to 2011. We standardize the data for your ease of use and offer flexible delivery options to meet your business needs

Our historical assessment data includes information from tax assessor and deed records:

  • Current owner name
  • Parsed owner name fields and address
  • Property characteristics
  • Prior and latest sale
  • Identification of land use rights and ownership
  • Total assessed and improved values
  • Tax year and amount
  • Tax delinquent year
  • Recorder document number

How to Use Our Historical Assessment Data

Lenders, appraisers, servicers, insurance companies and others use our historical assessment data for numerous applications that require researching historical and current property details or helping to gain deeper insights into trends that directly impact today’s property decisions.

Identify Home Equity Loan Prospects

Find potential home equity loan candidates by identifying properties that may need improvement: for example, older properties with little or no history of major work, properties with original heating/air conditioning, lower building quality grade and prospects for roof repair, windows, siding, structural improvements, etc.

Enhance Valuation Models 

Improve the accuracy of valuation models by incorporating assessment records data, for example property characteristics, improvements, legal descriptions, sales price, land use and site influence.

Conduct Trend Analysis

Gain better insights into risk such as the potential impact of taxes on defaults, zoning and land usage, site influence, types of improvements and stability of market values.

Evaluate Property-Condition Risk

Combine historical assessment data with Black Knight building permit data to conduct a deeper evaluation of lawful property improvements or to identify properties that are out of date with current major building code requirements.

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Exceptional-Quality Data

We apply stringent quality control measures to our data so you can be confident it’s the most reliable and current available.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our highly experienced team leverages their deep industry knowledge to provide powerful insights on how you can maximize the historical assessment data.

Flexible Permitted-Use Options

We offer flexible permitted-use options, so you can have more control of the data to meet your specific business needs.

Data Linking

The historical assessment data can be linked to other data sets using a unique Black Knight ID so you can gain even deeper insights.

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Building Permit Data

Current, comprehensive and nationwide data on commercial and residential properties.

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What is the limitation of the data that is provided by the counties for each year?

The standard property attributes that are captured in the annual county assessment data can vary year to year depending on what information is made available by the county. It is possible for a county to limit or suppress the population of specific data element based on changes in law.

How does Black Knight account to changes in the data identification over the long history of reporting?

Black Knight uses a persisted property ID “DPID” with the assessment history data set which allows linking of properties over time. The common property identifier FIPS and more specifically Assessor Parcel Number (APN) can change from one year to the next due to APN formatting or renumbering changes implemented by the county, but DPID overcomes those APN changes challenges by persisting the ID value.

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Solutions Related to Historical Assessment Data 

Mortgage, real-estate, capital-markets and other professionals across the U.S. leverage our comprehensive data and innovative analytics to help inform their critical business decisions. Select an image below to learn more about our industry-leading solutions suites that can help transform your business.

Goals Related to Historical Assessment Data

Find out how our historical assessment data can help you mitigate risk, find customers for home equity loans, and reduce the costs associated with data procurement.

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