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Loan Officer Digital℠

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  • Single point of sale solution for loan officers
  • Mobile-friendly design means you can work on the go
  • Configurable views let you focus on what matters
  • Integration with the Empower® LOS reduces repetitive work

Loan Officer Digital℠ is an intuitive, mobile-friendly dashboard that provides the ability for you to easily follow borrowers throughout the loan approval process, and to make changes without being logged into the Empower loan origination system (LOS). With this configurable and responsive-web solution, you have access to the tools you need to help the borrower no matter where they are in the approval process – and any changes you make on the go will be reflected in real time in Empower.

The Loan Officer Experience Simplified

Loan Officer Digital can help you facilitate seamless interaction with your borrowers and get them from application to close as efficiently as possible. Both you and your borrowers can view similar workflow dashboards to help stay in step with one another. And the solution simplifies how you work by providing a single, flexible platform. It also offers a convenient, on-the-go solution so you can review your borrowers’ documents and provide feedback in near-real time.

Loan Officer Digital’s companion point-of-sale solution, Borrower Digital℠ allows you to enhance the service you provide your borrowers, and significantly improve their overall experience. You see what the borrower sees.

Loan Officer Digital goes to work for you, streamlining your day-to-day work via an intuitive digital dashboard. Access products, pricing, pipeline information, rate-locking capabilities, third-party services and loan status all from within this single solution. And the dashboard is hosted in the cloud, which means you can work directly from your mobile device with reliable scalability.

In addition, Loan Officer Digital integrates with Empower, Black Knight’s industry-leading loan origination system. Any data entered into Loan Officer Digital automatically updates within Empower. This allows Empower’s automation and integrations to help cut down on the amount of data you need to enter, leading to greater data consistency and a reduction of errors. Best of all, it saves you valuable time, letting you put the focus back where it belongs – on your borrowers.

Single Point of Sale Solution

Review pipeline information, loan applications, required tasks, third-party orders and more – all from a single workspace.

Work From Anywhere

Loan Officer Digital’s intuitive web-based dashboard runs just as well on mobile devices as it does on your computer, so you’re never far from your borrowers.

Be There for Your Borrowers

When borrowers use our companion solution, Borrower Digital, you see what they see, which helps you guide them through the approval process more easily.

Data Entry Done Right

Integration with the Empower LOS means data is always in sync and Empower’s powerful automation is working for you, so you can move on to finding the next borrower.

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