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Borrower Digital℠

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  • Simple, interactive Q&A format to guide borrowers through the loan application
  • Help borrowers review available products and pricing
  • Deliver near real-time feedback to borrowers
  • Easy document upload to support clearing approval conditions and e-sign capability for disclosures

Borrower Digital℠ is an easy-to-use, mobile solution that guides the borrower through the prequalification, preapproval, refinance and home equity application processes. Borrower Digital alerts the borrower of immediate next steps – reducing cycle times and improving the overall origination experience.

About Borrower Digital

Borrower Digital helps keep you in step with your borrowers by offering a seamless loan application process built to work with the automation capabilities of the Empower® loan origination system (LOS). The solution comes loaded with numerous self-service functions available for borrowers from pricing and application to document upload and e-signing disclosures.

The mortgage loan process can be confusing. That’s why Borrower Digital helps guide your borrowers through each step with a simple and intuitive question-and-answer format. Using advanced decisioning and automation capabilities, Borrower Digital creates tasks immediately after a borrower’s application is submitted. Borrowers can complete these tasks and perform numerous other functions on a self-service basis from any device.

And when you leverage Black Knight’s companion solution, Loan Officer Digital℠, your loan officers will see the same dashboard your borrowers see, allowing you to keep in closer contact throughout the process and jump in when they have questions. That not only helps reduce the cycle times of your loan approvals, but it also increases borrower satisfaction.

Intuitive Digital Dashboard

A flexible Q&A guides your borrowers step-by-step through the mortgage loan process – no expert help required.

Task-Based Automation

Near real-time feedback and document review helps borrowers go from application to close more quickly.

Seamless Integration With Empower

Leverage the Empower LOS to automate processes, perform third-party verifications and more, all from one platform; no need to juggle multiple systems.

Exclusive Feature
Loan Officer Digital Integration

See what your borrowers see and enhance the sales experience of your team with the Loan Officer Digital application.

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