Originations Digital℠

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  • Enhances the user experience and improves data consistency
  • Robust automation powered by “lights out” processing
  • Facilitates a fast, simple prequalification and application process
  • Allows loan officers to provide better customer assistance

Originations Digital℠ delivers a best-in-class digital lending solution that helps significantly streamline the loan prequalification and application process for loan officers and borrowers. Powered by advanced automation, and featuring extensive property records and more than 25,000 connected service providers, this user-centric solution consists of two components: Loan Officer Digital℠ and Borrower Digital℠.

About Originations Digital

Take the LO out of the LOS with Loan Officer Digital.

This product provides a mobile-optimized solution that allows loan officers to review pipeline information, loan applications, required tasks, third-party orders and much more – all in a single workspace.

Loan Officer Digital provides an intuitive dashboard that mirrors what the consumer sees in Borrower Digital, Black Knight’s consumer point-of-sale solution. With Loan Officer Digital, LOs can easily follow the consumer throughout the approval process and deliver an enhanced borrower experience.

When compared to working manually, Loan Officer Digital:

  • Provides exception-based processing and task automation
  • Offers flexible, user-configurable views
  • Delivers a mobile friendly design enabling loan officers to work anytime from anywhere
  • Provides a single, highly intuitive workspace for loan officers to perform tasks

LOs gain additional capabilities when using the Borrower Digital companion solution. Borrower Digital leverages artificial intelligence to offer a smart, dynamic format that guides the consumer through the mortgage application process in a simple, intuitive way.

With Borrower Digital, consumers can perform numerous self-service functions, and its robust task automation helps significantly reduce application-to-close times. Borrower Digital:

  • Supports unlimited borrowers on the same loan, including for vacation and investment properties
  • Provides numerous borrower self-service capabilities, including the ability to select a loan product and review pricing
  • Enables borrowers to easily apply for a loan from a desktop, laptop or mobile device
Robust Automation

Companion solutions can reduce loan application turn times either on their own or in tandem.

Simplify the Application Process

Borrowers can be guided through the confusing loan process via an intuitive, dynamic format.

Mobile Optimized

Loan officers can review pipelines, loan applications, required tasks, third-party orders and more from a web-based, mobile-friendly platform.

A Better Borrower Experience

Powerful automation allows loan officers to focus on their borrowers – not their workflows – and provide a personalized touch to the loan process.

Simplify the Prequalification and Application Process

Receive access to both Loan Officer Digital and Borrower Digital to improve the process at both ends of the table. Our digital solution for loan origination is powered by advanced automation and utilizes more than 25,000 connected service providers. Originations Digital provides an integrated, user-centric solution with automated, self-service features that can reduce turn times from more than 30 days to 12 days.

Mortgage borrower checking information on property using laptop
Borrower Digital℠

Mobile software that guides borrowers through prequalification, preapproval, refinance and home equity application processes

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Loan officer at a desk going over rates on a laptop to discuss terms with borrower while talking on cellphone.
Loan Officer Digital℠

Mobile-friendly software enabling loan officers to easily follow borrowers throughout the loan approval process and make changes outside the LOS.

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How Can Originations Digital Improve Turn Times?

After a loan application is submitted, Originations Digital immediately triggers third-party service calls, creating tasks for both the borrower and loan officer, which helps further reduce application-to-close times.

What Solutions Does Originations Digital Integrate With?

The solution is tightly integrated with the Empower® loan origination system, helping improve data integrity and consistency.

What Information Is Available on Mobile Devices?

Loan officers can review pipeline information, loan applications, required tasks, third-party orders and much more – all in a single workspace.

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