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  • Maintain effective hedge position
  • Model your risk position and production
  • Maximize gains on every sale
  • Deliver transparent reporting to executives

The Optimal Blue Secondary Services platform helps you manage your true net hedge position, mitigate interest rate risk in your mortgage pipeline and improve profitability with ease.

About Optimal Blue Secondary Services

Optimal Blue Secondary Services is a hedge analytics platform that provides your organization a unique combination of functionality, industry best practices and trading desk services. This platform helps you maximize gains on every sale and confidently manage your pipeline risk. With live bulk bid pricing integrated into the system and comparisons with all other available executions – including best efforts – you will have a clear line of sight into the execution that will maximize your gain on sale.

Manage Risk in Real Time

Experience accurate position valuation every day with real-time position and modeling, and seamless integrations with loan origination systems and the Optimal Blue PPE.

Customize for Your Business

Select a full-service, hybrid or self-service model to drive success within your organization’s strategy and budget. Measure and manage risk at the note rate level or with TBAs.

Optimize and Automate

Shock analysis and pull-through granularity predict your position and P&L. Take advantage of automation to model coverage, rather than spreadsheets, and easily compare your current hedge positions to modeled ones.

Identify Errors Instantly

Unrivaled data scrubbing provides an early warning of loan-level issues that impact investor eligibility, so you can automatically commit only the loans that are eligible for execution.

On-Demand Executive Reporting

Accurate executive summaries of gains and losses, highly detailed net hedge position reports and more can be created on demand.

Maximize Gains With ResiTrader's Loan Sale Automation

With Resitrader, whole loan trading is controlled and secure. Eliminate the need to email separate bids to investors and manually attach bid tapes, while increasing data security along the way. Receive live bids in real time and turn around trades in minutes versus days.

The platform receives live agency pricing for both servicing retained and released options from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Because it is integrated with our real-time pricing engine, you get the TRUE BESTX™ across multiple servicers.

We are also proud to be one of the industry’s first vendors to directly integrate with Fannie Mae’s Servicing Marketplace® Co-Issue Program. Our loan trading solution is also integrated with leading loan origination systems to help keep critical data updated in your loan processing system of record.

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