MSR Platform℠

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  • Choose the right Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) product for your servicing needs
  • Appropriate for those just getting started as well as mega servicers
  • Connect to servicing brokers to get real, live servicing valuations
  • Gain visibility into asset performance and minimize month-end surprises

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for MSR valuation. Our MSR platform addresses this by offering tiered solutions to meet the needs of any size servicer. The platform lets you tap into the same assumptions used by MSR valuation providers, providing unmatched accuracy, since these brokers directly trade MSR assets. The platform also allows you to model the asset independently with complete control over a number of modeling assumptions, such as prepay, credit, float, etc.

About Our MSR Platform

Whether you’re a seasoned MSR valuation expert or just getting off the ground with your servicing portfolio, our MSR Platform offers a suite of tiered products tailored to meet your needs – no matter where you are on the capital markets ladder. The MSR Platform is designed to help bring the opaque servicing asset out of the shadows to help you climb to the level of a market-leading servicer.

The platform gives you access to servicing broker assumptions at the portfolio level, closing gaps between origination MSR value and portfolio valuation. Through integrations with the top MSR brokers, you can enhance clarity for retain/release decisioning at the point of sale, while also reducing the risk of impairments to your financial statements. With over 90% of servicing assets across the U.S. valued with our MSR Platform, you can be sure you are using the industry standard and best valuation model available.

The platform offers four delivery options, designed to give you the flexibility to select the appropriate level of insight for your business needs and growth targets.

Transform Your Business

“In any market environment, having an MSR valuation model that delivers transparency and granular valuations is critical to numerous business functions, such as originations, risk management, accounting and overall bottom-line performance.”

Mike Vough
Managing Director Optimal Blue, a division of Black Knight
MSR Pulse

Daily servicing portfolio valuation summary report formed with broker-managed assumptions.

Loan-Level Pipeline MSR

Loan-level valuations for pipeline marks and retain/release decisioning formed with lender-specific assumptions managed by an MSR broker.

Loan-Level Portfolio MSR

Loan-level portfolio valuation with servicer-specific assumptions managed by MSR brokers, including evaluation of the need to hedge the MSR portfolio.


Licensed analytics for servicers that maintain their own assumptions and prepayment models, including daily loan- and scenario-level MSR valuations, MSR hedging, enterprise reporting, and MSR bidding for aggregators and co-issue buyers.

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