loancatcher® broker los

  • Modern LOS for built specifically for brokers
  • Connects lenders to borrowers to drive more sales opportunities
  • Easy-to-use, cloud-based technology
  • Seamless integrations with PPE, CRM and social media solutions

LoanCatcher® is an industry-leading loan origination system (LOS) designed specifically for mortgage brokers. This powerful all-in-one solution is built from the ground up to help you close more loans and provide a better borrower experience. LoanCatcher allows you to work from anywhere, and to leverage industry-leading automation to speed up the lending process and keep your pipelines moving.

About LoanCatcher

LoanCatcher is an advanced LOS specifically for mortgage brokers built to help you catch more loans and improve the experience for your borrowers.

LoanCatcher leverages seamless integrations across the loan life cycle to help keep your pipelines flowing, and to help keep your borrowers happy. It integrates with tools like:

  • Loansifter pricing engine with access to over 120 wholesale lenders
  • Award-winning mortgage marketing content from the Surefire℠ CRM
  • Real-time communication tools to help you do more – faster
  • Broker web pages for lead generation

And LoanCatcher operates in the cloud, meaning there’s nothing to download and no new hardware to add. You get a single platform that delivers what you need to originate loans efficiently and close loans faster, without the added overhead. You’ll finally have the freedom to work anywhere, while focusing on your business, not technology.

Whether at the office, working from home or running errands, LoanCatcher gives you the tools and the flexibility to be the broker your borrowers need.

Reliable Workflow and Management

Pre-defined and configurable workflows on a secure, reliable system so you can work smarter.

Loan Officer and Compliance Support

Help support compliance while keeping your pipelines moving.

Processing and Document Management

Easy-to-use document repository and access to Slack makes it easy to collaborate with your team.

How Do I Implement LoanCatcher?

You can start using the cloud-based platform quickly with a short and easy implementation. There’s nothing download and no technology to set up – all you need is an internet-capable device. And if you have questions during setup, our experts can walk you through your first loan file at no additional cost.

Does Black Knight Offer Training?

Our live one-on-one trainings give you the opportunity to learn how to use the system. We also offer a comprehensive, live group training sessions daily.

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With LoanCatcher, brokers gain affordable access to the same level of technology used by the nation’s largest and most successful lenders. Experience our easy-to-use brokerage LOS for yourself. Request a free software demo today.

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Reach Your Goals With LoanCatcher

LoanCatcher helps busy mortgage brokers close more loans while delivering a better borrower experience. This flexibility lets you focus your attention on catching your next loan. Stop dealing with unreliable, pieced-together systems and turn to a single mortgage platform that delivers what you need to originate loans efficiently.

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