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  • Prioritize and manage lists that help meet sales criteria
  • Analyze potential mortgage originator partnerships
  • Make strategic decisions with embedded data
  • Glean valuable insights across geographies

Investor Prospect Marketing provides comprehensive marketing and data analysis tools that help investors research the marketplace, understand lender volumes and trends, identify and develop new business opportunities, and empower your field sales staff.

About Investor Prospect Marketing

In today’s competitive market, sophisticated prospecting tools are almost a necessity. Investor Prospect Marketing can help you identify and engage the right customers at the right time to help you win new business opportunities. Your field staff can use the tool to automatically connect with prospects in specific markets – giving them the power to research, document and track prospecting activities on a whole new level. Wherever your field staff travels, they will be empowered to find prospects with easy-to-use mobile functionality.

Nations Direct Mortgage Expands TPO Channels

Nations Direct Mortgage leveraged the Investor Prospect Marketing solution to gain access to mortgage originators and procure the ability to identify candidates in new and existing territories. They were also able to gain organizational insight into counterparty ownership and affiliated contacts, quickly and effectively prioritize target lists that met a unique sales criteria, and analyze potential mortgage originator partnerships by zip, city, state and more.

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Discover Why Prospect Marketing Is So Important

“Our investor clients really love our prospect marketing solution because it makes it easy for them to identify and track performance trends and even overall loan volume. Many investors have also noted that these automation tools have empowered their field staffs to research, document and track activities on an entirely new level, and in the end—win more business! I invite you to contact our investor team for more information on this powerful tool and our entire suite of investor management solutions.”

Matt Unglaub
Investor Relations Manager Optimal Blue
Locate More Unique Opportunities

Easily connect with new business opportunities in specific markets. Robust automation enables you to efficiently research, document and track prospecting activities.

Manage Prospecting On-the-Go

Empower your field sales staff to quickly find prospects wherever they are located. The interactive mobile app promotes in-field prospecting to drive sales success.

Work Smarter With Integration

Investor Prospect Marketing is fully integrated with Counterparty Oversight so you can easily and seamlessly flow prospects into an automated application process when they convert to clients.

Maximize the Power of Prospect Marketing

Integration APIs

With advanced API integrations, you can easily gain access to counterparty data and use it in any system. Automatically populate data into your LOS system to create accounts and quickly pull those accounts up in your CRM.

Powerful Data and Reporting Capabilities

Access powerful, on-demand data visualizations through an intuitive dashboard and enjoy a paperless environment with customized reports, whenever you need them.

  • Outstanding documents
  • Applications in progress
  • Upcoming renewals

Interactive Mobile App

Place the power of our investor management solution in the palm of your hands. Our interactive mobile app:

  • Promotes in-field prospecting and sales success
  • Provides insights into prospects and clients in each market
  • Enables access to application details on the go
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