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  • Connects to 400+ service providers from one access point
  • Manage various integrations easily and efficiently
  • Focus on customers instead of network management
  • Exchange data seamlessly and securely

InterChange Services is the industry’s largest value-added electronic data interchange (EDI) network dedicated to the exchange of mortgage servicing data. Serving as a communications vehicle, InterChange gives you direct access and seamless integration to Black Knight applications and third-party providers.

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About InterChange Services

InterChange is the largest value-added network dedicated to the exchange of mortgage data. With approximately 80 lenders and more than 400 service providers, InterChange provides a channel for bulk file transfers and web services, as well as online access to the MSP® loan servicing system. InterChange also offers unique features including file-level audit trails, translation, mapping, secure transfer and resend capabilities. These features are continuously enhanced to improve the integrity of data transfers and to accelerate servicing timelines.

We also provide numerous connectivity options to meet the performance needs and budgets of business partners. A dedicated Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connection to the network can be installed to support high volumes of online transactions with multiple users, or to support large or frequent file transfers to and from servicers. Alternatively, business partners may choose Black Knight’s suite of internet options for online transactions and file transfers. Complementing this business-to-business electronic solution for lenders and their service providers is Black Knight’s Mortgage Web Services.

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) enable the fast transmission of digital content and capabilities between users and providers. Black Knight API integrations are the ideal technology to support the rapid development system integrations.
  • Mortgage Web Services (MWS) are functional groupings of MSP and third-party data and services that Black Knight makes available to lenders and service providers using standard transfer protocols (HTTPS) and interfaces (SOAP, XML, JSON and REST). The suite of Black Knight MWS integrations overcomes the technical challenges of accessing and integrating MSP and third-party data at the loan-level and provides a secure and highly efficient means of data exchange with customers, interchange clients and employees.
  • Data Integration Services (DIS) is a bi-directional XML web-based tool that enables users to access Black Knight systems to monitor events on a loan, retrieve new referrals, and send and receive any supporting documentation. By eliminating manual data entry between systems, the Black Knight DIS integration helps improve cycle times, lower operational costs and reduce overall risk for servicers, attorneys and service providers.


There are many different connectivity options for InterChange Services. Connectivity selection is determined by your performance and cost requirements.

  • IC Web SFTP: You can use your own SSH-enabled software to transmit files to and from MSP via the Internet using an SSH-based secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). Using IC Web SFTP, you can push (“put”) files to your assigned Mailbox once logged in. In order to receive files however, Black Knight must push the desired files outbound to you. IC Web SFTP provides multi-layered security using 128-256 AES encryption with the option of RSA/DSA public keys or passphrases. Files are transmitted via Black Knight’s trusted network through an encrypted tunnel with all necessary SSH handshaking and verification performed behind the scenes.
  • IC Web VPN (Internet): Black Knight has developed an Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) communications option. The VPN enables IP traffic to travel securely over a public TCP/IP network (the Internet) by encrypting all traffic from one network to another. A VPN uses “tunneling” to encrypt all information at the IP level. The VPN uses IPSec, a framework of open standards for ensuring private communications. The speed of the connection from the Internet to the InterChange is controlled by contracting for guaranteed bandwidth from 64K to 512K.
  • Dedicated Connection (MPLS): Customers requiring a dedicated connection to the network to support large or frequent file transfers, or for supporting a high volume of online transactions with multiple users may choose this option. Black Knight supports multiple infrastructures for the dedicated MPLS connection (e.g., NDM, FTP).
Choose Connection Type

Clients can opt for a dedicated connection to the network or a web product suite that provides access via the internet.

Exchange Data Seamlessly

The latest technologies foster a seamless data exchange between servicers and service providers.

Benefit From Continuous Enhancements

Features are continuously updated to improve the integrity of data transfers and to accelerate servicing timelines.

Access Platforms Securely

Single sign on and authentication let you transmit data across platforms securely.

The InterChange Web Suite Includes:

IC Web VPN, IC Web FTPSecure and IC Web SFTP for file transfers, as well as Web Direct for MSP online transactions.

The suite utilizes existing hardware and software, and lowers costs, including the expense of a dedicated line. It also increases the speed of implementations over dedicated lines.

Products and Services:

  • MSP Web Services (MWS)
  • Data Integration Services (DIS)
  • CICS Access to MSP
  • Web Direct Access to MSP
  • File Transfer (SFTP, NDM, FTPS)
  • Director
  • Passport
  • iDisburse
  • MSP Test Regions
  • Event Notifications
  • Navigator (MSP Documentation)
  • Professional Services, Custom Development and Client Support

Service Providers

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client support site

Support is available 24/7. Standard hours of operation for application, technical and operational issues are Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET.

Input of your user ID and password is required. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact InterChange Services Client Support at 904.854.3250.

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Black Knight’s industry-leading servicing solutions make it easy to operate more efficiently, enhance the customer experience and mitigate risk. Select an image below to learn more about our innovative and integrated solutions suites.

how interchange services can support your business goals

Managing the various network integrations associated with lending and servicing operations is a labor-intensive and risk-laden process. InterChange relieves servicers of this burden so they can focus on running their businesses and serving their customers.

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