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ernst® fee service

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  • Simplify fee management processes on a single platform
  • Deliver fee estimates
  • Helps improve processing times for a better buying experience
  • Support compliance with TRID guidelines

Ernst® Fee Service offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help you streamline the closing-fee data process by providing near real-time Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure fees to help prevent costly cures at closing.

About Ernst Fee Service

The Ernst Fee Service suite of solutions helps support TRID compliance demands and prevent costly fee cures.

Ernst Fee Service has processed more than one billion real estate transaction fees and continues to provide the market with up-to-date fee data.

Gain comprehensive insights on a wide range of real estate fees, including:

  • Recording fees and transfer taxes
  • Inspection services
  • Title and settlement services
  • Property taxes
  • HOA fees
  • Mortgage insurance fees
  • Appraisal and lender processing fees

In addition to fee calculations, Ernst Fee Service also serves as a patented platform for fee monitoring. This can help you stay in the know and be notified when your monitored fees change.

Expedite Loan Closings

Lenders can communicate accurate calculations quicker, helping to expedite the loan closing process.

Up-to-Date Quotes

The solution no only alerts the lender and settlement agent of any fee changes, but also automatically recalculates the fees and provides updated quotes within 24 hours.

Monitored Daily

Fees are monitored on a daily basis and include recording fees for all document types; transfer taxes; and any fee managed in an Ernst Fee Engine or other Ernst system.

Fee and Calculations Include:

  • Patented Monitoring Service: Sends alerts of fee changes, recalculates fees and provides updated quotes.
  • Settlement Agent Gateway: Enables lenders to create their own proprietary network of approved settlement agents and easily approve and migrate feeds into their own systems.
  • Smart Query® Fee Service: Allows you to process all third-party vendor fee calculations simultaneously.
Ernst Fee Service

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Enhance the fee estimate process with Ernst Fee Service. Our industry-trusted servicing fee software can help you accelerate processing times and provide a better experience for your buyers. Request a demo today to see how we can streamline your business.

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Solutions Related to Ernst Fee Service

In addition to our Ernst Fee Service software, Black Knight is a leading provider of high-performance mortgage and home equity lending and servicing solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions that focus on improving the efficiency of your workflow and providing an enhanced customer experience. Clients using our solutions to simplify their business processes have the ability to put full focus on what really matters: staying competitive in today’s ever-changing market. 

Goals Related to Ernst Fee Service

Ernst Fee Service can help you improve operational efficiency and decrease processing time, which in turn helps you exceed your customer’s expectations and win more leads for your business. Discover what other goals our Ernst Fee Service software can help you achieve.

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