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  • Monitor real-time lock data to better understand trends
  • Receive insights to help optimize your operations
  • Deepen visibility into your mortgage operations
  • Understand and manage change requests

Our Enterprise Analytics can help you make smarter decisions with complete enterprise visibility into your mortgage operations. Gain managerial and operational transparency into your daily mortgage business activity with actionable data that enables you to evaluate trends, monitor activity, strategize more effectively and make profitable decisions.

About Our Enterprise Analytics

Monitor real-time, transactional lock data to better understand trends and activity at the product, channel, branch and loan officer level. With on-demand loan-level reports, interactive and captivating dashboards, as well as extensive drill-down features, Enterprise Analytics delivers the mortgage data insights that you need to optimize your operations.

Benefit from granular visibility into all change requests, so you can easily identify where lock extensions and profile changes are occurring. With comprehensive loan-level reporting, you can effortlessly sort lock extensions by business channel, costs, volume and more.

A granular analysis of price concessions and configured margin strategies enables those within your organization to assess competitiveness and better identify how to best position your product against competitors. Custom assignments can be used to fine-tune margins for any particular product, so you can start making more informed decisions today.

MortgageRight Improves Reporting Accuracy

MortgageRight harnessed Enterprise Analytics to effectively analyze their market position and improve reporting accuracy, procuring the ability to understand areas of business efficiency. They were able to spot trends and opportunities, more easily harvest accurate and critical data needed for advanced decisioning, and track margin adjustment trends as well as their impact on total net markup. Get MortgageRight’s full story here.

Use Real-Time Data to Improve Operational Processes

“Enterprise Analytics provides amazing insight into the daily happenings of a clients’ mortgage operations and business, so they are better equipped to monitor and react to changes in market conditions, product mix, loan activity, and more. I take personal pride in our ability to not only share exactly what’s happening within an organization at any given moment, but to also provide extreme visibility into operational processes and strategies that could proactively save our clients a remarkable amount of time.”

Tiffany McGarry
Director, Product Management Black Knight
Mortgage broker assessing trending enterprise analytics in change requests.
DIY Raw Data Access

Leverage an automated raw data access solution to connect to your internal data warehouse, support custom analytics, and uniquely integrate with in-house visualization solutions.

Valuable Data & Analytics

Leverage direct access to Black Knight data for the analysis of trends, relationships and statistics of rate lock activity, change requests and margin management, as well as price concessions across channels.

Improve Organizational Efficiencies

Directly query a replicated subset of enterprise data to determine where action may be needed to improve efficiencies and maximize profitability.

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Gain visibility into your daily business activity with actionable data that enables you to evaluate trends, monitor activity and strategize more effectively. Select a goal below to learn more.

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Competitive Analytics

Understand exactly where you stand in comparison to peers in every market.

Lender assessing analytics using charts and graphs on a laptop at a desk.
Mandatory Analytics

A single investor portal to gain clarity on the competitiveness of executions, identify and isolate gaps in strategies, and take action to better optimize organizational efforts

Mortgage broker assessing market analysis with price trend dropping over time.
Market Analytics

Comprehensive profile of the primary mortgage market for investment, operations and marketing professionals nationwide

Originator Pricing Insight

Comparisons of best execution in real time against other mortgage lenders.

Residential Market Analytics

Real-estate analytics solutions that can help you save time, manage risk and identify business-growth opportunities.