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Investor reviewing loan data with pre-configured analytics using a desktop computer in a modern office space.
Actionable Intelligence Platform℠ (AIP℠) for Servicing

Provides strategic, proactive and actionable analytics to
the right people at the right time.


A flexible, scalable solution that uses using workflow and servicer-defined rules to automate bankruptcy-related tasks.

CA HomePriceTrends℠ 

Online analytics tool generates data, reports and charts on virtually any location or property type across the U.S. 


Streamline default-related claims processing by centralizing claims information across payers into a single, user-friendly application.

Climate Risk Scoring

Understand the potential effects of natural disasters on properties.


Streamline the process of collecting delinquent payments.

Customer Service℠

Helping service agents be informed by providing a holistic view of a borrower’s loan on one screen.

Daily Home Price Flash℠

Daily home prices and other housing metrics for single-family residential real estate transactions in nearly all states and more than 200 top U.S. metros.

Developer Portal

Self-service solution that provides centralized access to Black Knight APIs.


eSign platform that that allows you to securely sign documents online, and store and manage legally binding documents.

Ernst® Fee Service

Provide accurate, near real-time Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure fees to help prevent costly cures at closing.

Expedite® Close

eClosing software solution supporting all closing types offering flexibility and scalability.


A streamlined and scalable solution that uses workflow and servicer-defined rules to automate the various foreclosure-related tasks.

Home Price Index℠ (HPI)

Provides one of the most complete and reliable measures of residential real estate price trends in the U.S.

InterChange Services

The industry’s largest value-added electronic data interchange (EDI) network dedicated to the exchange of mortgage servicing data.


Web-based default application that helps simplify billing and invoice processes through automation.

Two mortgage brokers wearing sportscoats using iPad to discuss borrowing terms
Lien Alert℠

Efficient, cost-effective portfolio monitoring solution delivering early notifications of critical property-related events.

Loan Boarding℠

Effectively board new and acquired loans onto the MSP loan servicing system with scalability, flexibility and control.

Loan Officer Insights℠

NMLS information from mortgages and deeds of trust.

Market Condition Report

An addendum to the standard 1004 appraisal designed to enhance transparency of market condition conclusions.

Loss Mitigation℠

Feature-rich, web-based solution supporting industry-standard retention and liquidation workouts.

MarketShare Vision℠

Get in-depth performance information on loan officers, mortgage brokers, lenders and title companies in the U.S.

Match and Append
Match and Append

Receive the flexibility to customize a wide range of property data to meet your business needs.


Market-leading repository of servicer-contributed, loan-level data is the deepest and broadest in the industry.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Data (eMBS)

Industry-leading solution for mortgage-backed security data.

Mortgage Monitor Analytic Library

Receive a deeper view into the market-leading data and analytics that are featured in Black Knight’s pre-eminent monthly Mortgage Monitor report.

MSP® Mortgage Servicing System

Best-in-class loan servicing software allowing servicers of all sizes the ability to tackle today’s most pressing operational challenges.

Mortgage Transaction Data

Fast, cost-effective and reliable mortgage transaction data that reflects subject property transfers and provides info on more than 155 million parcels.

Paragon® MLS Platform

A highly configurable and robust MLS system that provides listing management, property search and reporting and Collateral Market Analysis presentations.

Property Data

Nationwide coverage of both residential and commercial properties.

Two mortgage brokers wearing sportscoats using iPad to discuss borrowing terms
Historical Assessment Data

Nationwide coverage of assessment data for more complete due diligence, analysis and other actionable results.

HOA Indicator

Scalable solution to help you determine if a property is part of an HOA.

Property Tax Data

Suite of tax solutions to help reduce the costs and challenges associated with procuring property tax data.

Property Deeds

Up-to-date, reliable and nationwide public records property deed data.

Property Mortgage Data

Industry-leading, nationwide property mortgage data.

Property Mortgage Records

Detailed property mortgage record data to help you gain important insights.

Boundary data graphic overhead view of mixed commercial and residential properties on a sunny, summer day.
Boundary Data

Boundary data that allows for detailed spatial analysis of geographic areas by parcels, counties, neighborhoods and school districts.

Neighborhood boundary data graphic with scaled model homes, buildings and trees.
County Boundary Data

Reliable and extensive county boundary data covering more than 3,100 counties across the U.S.

Contemporary residential housing development with close neighborhood boundaries.
Neighborhood Boundary Data

Covers over 450,000 neighborhoods and includes the names of the neighborhoods as experienced by local residents.

Parcel boundary data graphic of overhead perspective on residential neighborhood in the late fall.
Parcel Boundary Data

Reliable, nationwide and extensive parcel boundary data that allows for detailed spatial analysis of geographic areas to help support your business decisions.

Overhead perspective on a school at dismissal indicating children walking to their waiting busses.
School Boundary Data

Extensive school boundary data allows for detailed spatial analysis of geographic areas by school districts and zones.

Lender assessing neighborhood boundary data using laptop from open floorplan office space.
Building Permit Data

Current, comprehensive and nationwide data on commercial and residential properties.

Property analyst assessing commercial property while holding e-notebook and smartphone.
Commercial Building Permit Data

Comprehensive information on more than 220M building permits for commercial properties across the U.S.

Homeowners discussing residential building permit with plumbing contractor and plans for home improvement.
Residential Building Permit Data

Comprehensive information on more than 220M building permits for residential properties across the U.S.

Commercial Property Data

Comprehensive view of commercial properties across the U.S.

Disaster, Hazard and Risk Data

Provides the critical information and alerts you need to help mitigate risk and reduce losses.

Natural Disaster Data Alerts

Help pinpoint the specific properties that may have been impacted when a natural disaster strikes

Property-Specific Hazard and Risk Data

Property-specific hazard and risk data providing critical information to help mitigate risk and reduce loss.

Foreclosure Data

Up-to-date, nationwide property data that covers the entire foreclosure cycle.

Property Ownership Data

Reliable, up-to-date information to help identify renters who may become homebuyers and confirm owner-occupancy rate.

Property Tax Assessment Data

Best-in-class tax assessment data to help determine and analyze real estate property taxes.

Mortgage History Data

Exceptional-quality mortgage history data from across the U.S.

Seller and Buyer Data

Industry-leading data that covers 155 million property parcels and includes data like seller and buyer name, property address, sales price and more.

Property Transfer Data

Detailed information to help provide you insights on the transfer/sale of a loan or debt from the current beneficiary to the new beneficiary.

Neighborhood Demographics Data

Access information about neighborhoods, develop targeted marketing lists and perform trending research.

Public Records Data

Comprehensive, nationwide public records data from over 3,100 county recorder offices across the U.S.

Borrower reviewing assignment release data on laptop from home office
Assignment and Release Data

Better understand the priority of lien positions and identify open voluntary liens.

School Data

Private and public school data from across the U.S., associated with >155M property parcels.

Private School Data

Detailed private school data from more than 3,100 counties, covering 99.99% of the U.S.

Public School Data

High-quality data covering the entire U.S. and includes more than 100 fields per record to deliver the public school information you need.

Rapid Analytics Platform℠ (RAP℠)

Innovative, cloud-based software for users to access diverse data assets and run advanced analytics.

Residential Market Analytics

Real-estate analytics solutions that can help you save time, manage risk and identify business-growth opportunities.

Residential Property Data

One of the most accurate and up-to-date U.S. residential property databases in the industry.

REvolution Suite℠

Suite of solutions that help streamline the appraisal process.


Cloud-based mobile property inspection app that can help make the appraisal process more efficient.


Innovative mobile app to upload strategic property photos and verify property data to streamline the home equity lending process.

Surefire℠ CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine

A CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine that helps mortgage
professionals win new business, drive repeat business, and
earn the right to referral business.

hands holding a mobile device with servicing digital on the screen
Servicing Digital℠

Provide your borrowers with fast, simple and seamless access to loan and home-related information – anytime, anywhere.

SiteXPro℠ On-Demand Property Data & Solutions

Web-based access to property reports, automated valuations and our comprehensive property-record database.

Tax for Closing Disclosures

Quick, reliable tax estimates to use at loan application and closing.

Loan originator procuring property tax data for client loan qualification at a laptop in a bright office.
Tax for Loan Estimation

Instant, reliable, nationwide estimates on property taxes.

Lender assessing tax delinquencies and payment status on borrower property.
Tax for Title and Settlement

Identify all delinquent property taxes with this powerful, cost-effective solution.

ValuEdge Cascade℠

Delivers fast, reliable and cost-effective valuations of residential properties using six industry-leading Black Knight AVMs.

Value Range Express℠

Combines AVM capabilities, new for-sale listing alerts and enhanced public records data to deliver one-stop access to comprehensive valuations.