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Patriot Mortgage to Implement Black Knight’s Empower LOS and Integrated Solutions to Enhance Borrower Experience, Greater Digital Presence

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Nov. 11, 2021 – Today, Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) announced that Patriot Mortgage, a Texas-based lender specializing in new construction and resale, has signed a contract to implement the Black Knight Empower LOS and integrated origination solutions to support its growing business operations, enhance the borrower experience and improve its digital presence in the mortgage space.

“We want to make the origination process as simple and seamless as possible for our borrowers. Making Black Knight’s loan application technology available during open houses will help us reach more consumers and make the process easier for them,” said Elizabeth Hansen, chief operating officer, Patriot Mortgage. “For our business, the operational efficiencies and support for compliance gained from Black Knight’s solutions will benefit both our staff and our borrowers as we continue to grow.”

Empower will support the origination of first mortgages and home equity lines and loans on a single platform for Patriot Mortgage’s retail business. Further, the easy-to-use and highly configurable platform helps streamline the origination process from loan application through closing. Empower features configurable “lights-out” automation that will save Patriot Mortgage time and costs per loan, while helping its staff process more loans faster for greater borrower satisfaction.

Patriot Mortgage will also use the following solutions, which are seamlessly integrated with Empower, including machine-learning technology for document classification and indexing; fee service for recording fees, transfer taxes, title, inspections and property tax; point-of-sale with digital borrower and loan officer capabilities; automated compliance validation testing; an end-to-end digital close solution with eDelivery, eSign and eNotary capabilities; an advanced business intelligence solution; and web APIs. Additionally, the integration of Black Knight’s product, pricing and eligibility engine (PPE) gives Patriot Mortgage the ability to quote the best products available to a borrower in near real-time to deliver more accurate loans and improve the borrower experience.

“With advanced automation and task-based processing, Patriot Mortgage will be able to do more with its current staff,” said Rich Gagliano, president, Black Knight Origination Technologies. “By leveraging Black Knight’s digital technology ecosystem, Patriot Mortgage can meet borrowers on their terms – shaving off time and costs while improving the overall borrower experience.”

About Patriot Mortgage

Patriot Mortgage, based in El Paso, Texas, is a full-service mortgage company assisting El Paso families for over 20 years to purchase their home and is locally owned and operated. Patriot Mortgage is the preferred lender of Tropicana Homes, a leading homebuilder in El Paso, and assists borrowers with their home financing needs.

About Black Knight

Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) is an award-winning software, data and analytics company that drives innovation in the mortgage lending and servicing and real estate industries, as well as the capital and secondary markets. Businesses leverage our robust, integrated solutions across the entire homeownership life cycle to help retain existing customers, gain new customers, mitigate risk and operate more effectively.

Our clients rely on our proven, comprehensive, scalable products and our unwavering commitment to delivering superior client support to achieve their strategic goals and better serve their customers. For more information on Black Knight, please visit


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