Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation Signs Contract for Black Knight’s MSP Servicing System

  • Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation (IBMC) has signed a contract to use the industry-leading Black Knight MSP loan servicing system, which encompasses all aspects of servicing, from loan boarding to default.
  • IBMC has also selected additional Black Knight offerings, including the company’s next-gen Customer Service solution to help representatives assist consumers more quickly and efficiently, and Servicing Digital, a cloud-native platform that offers customers self-service access to personalized, timely information about their mortgage and home.
  • To support loss mitigation processes and streamline the handling of nonperforming loans, IBMC is also implementing Black Knight’s Default Suite of solutions, including Loss Mitigation, which is also seamlessly integrated into MSP.
  • In addition, the company will add Black Knight’s Actionable Intelligence Platform for strategic, proactive and actionable analytics, as well as Black Knight’s McDash industry reports for mortgage performance data.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – March 8, 2022 – Today, Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) announced that Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation (IBMC), an affiliate of the Iowa Bankers Association, has signed a contract to use the Black Knight MSP loan servicing system. MSP is a comprehensive, end-to-end platform that supports all aspects of servicing – from loan boarding to default – for first mortgages, as well as home equity loans and lines of credit, on a single system. Currently, the MSP system services approximately 37 million active loans, more than any other in the industry. In addition to the industry-leading MSP system, IBMC will leverage several other innovative Black Knight solutions to support its continued growth and focus on the customer experience.

“At IBMC, we are committed to serving the expanding needs of our banks and homeowners,” said Dan Vessely, president of IBMC. “As our company supports a growing number of customers, it’s increasingly important to have an established relationship with a trusted technology provider. We’re pleased to have Black Knight and its proven software and expertise on our side as we move forward.”

IBMC’s support representatives will also leverage the innovative Black Knight Customer Service solution, which was developed using a cloud-first approach, to access a detailed, holistic and timely view of the key information needed to deliver exemplary service at the point of customer contact. The solution presents a customer’s loan, home and neighborhood information through an intuitive, easy-to-use, end-user interface – helping representatives respond to customer questions more quickly, accurately and efficiently. Customer Service is seamlessly integrated with both the MSP system and Black Knight’s Servicing Digital solution.

Servicing Digital is an interactive, user-friendly web and mobile solution for consumers that provides easy access to customized, timely information about mortgages and homes. This powerful application, which was also developed using a cloud-first approach, supports deeper consumer relationships and engagement by enabling customers to make mortgage payments and explore opportunities for refinancing and more – all from the convenience of the web or a mobile device. Since IBMC is implementing both Customer Service and Servicing Digital, the company’s support representatives will have a view of what their borrowers are seeing on their side when they call, facilitating an even more productive and enriching conversation.

To streamline default processes, the company is adding Black Knight’s full Default Suite of solutions to help reduce cycle times, decrease operating costs and improve efficiencies for nonperforming loans. This includes Loss Mitigation, a feature-rich, web-based solution that supports industry-standard retention and liquidation workouts to help streamline operations and mitigate risk. Loss Mitigation leverages advanced rules and logic to guide users through processes step-by-step, including validation points throughout the workflow, to help reduce missed steps and overlooked information.

IBMC is also now using several servicing-focused data and analytics solutions from Black Knight, including the Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP). AIP delivers strategic, proactive and actionable analytics to the right people across an organization at the right time, so they know which action to take next. Additionally, the company will leverage Black Knight’s McDash industry reports, which provide delinquency and prepayment overviews, roll rates and state-level mortgage performance data. These reports are used to support benchmarking and analysis, portfolio management, strategy development and more.

“Black Knight recognizes that Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation is committed to strong relationships – from those it builds with local customers, to those it establishes with providers and third parties,” said Joe Nackashi, president of Black Knight. “It’s a privilege to serve as one of these trusted and valued providers and an honor to supply the innovations that will help IBMC do even more for its customers.”

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