Black Knight’s New Validate Mobile App for Valuations Uses AI to Speed and Simplify Home Equity Lending, Shorten Time to Close by Shaving Days, Dollars From the Process

  • The Validate app allows homeowners to submit property photos as part of their application for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity loan, which helps to expedite the loan approval process
  • Validate uses artificial intelligence to calculate home condition in real time using borrower-supplied photographs
  • Borrower-supplied photographs are time-stamped and verified via GPS to ensure they accurately reflect current property condition and location
  • Subject address is scored against comparable properties using Black Knight Complexity Profiler to create a condition-adjusted valuation model
  • Home equity is calculated using Black Knight’s public records data, which deducts any open liens from the AVM value
  • The property value and available equity is immediately transmitted for lender consideration via API or PDF, which helps save borrowers and lenders time and money

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – June 22, 2023 – Today, Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI), announced the launch of Validate, a fast, efficient and easy-to-use mobile application that helps borrowers themselves take part in expediting the valuation and loan approval process, saving time and money for all involved.

The Validate mortgage app allows homeowners to submit property photos as part of their application for a HELOC or home equity loan, which helps to accelerate the loan approval process. Following a series of prompts, homeowners are guided to take and submit photos of specific areas of the interior and exterior of their home. Validate uses geofencing and time stamps to confirm that photographs are contemporaneous and accurately reflect current property condition. Validate uses artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate the property’s current condition and quality, then compares it with similar homes using the Black Knight Complexity Profiler to create a condition-adjusted value estimate. Equity is calculated by deducting any outstanding mortgage liens, as identified in Black Knight’s public records data.

“Validate streamlines HELOC and home loan applications by providing a collateral valuation and property-condition report much earlier in the loan process,” said Ben Graboske, president, Black Knight Data & Analytics. “Since actual photographs and AI extrapolations are used, the accuracy of the AVM is more attuned to the property’s unique condition. Homeowners create their own verifiable property condition report – in a lender-accepted format – that is combined with other tools, such as Black Knight’s AVMs and Complexity Profiler, to greatly accelerate the HELOC decision-making process. Achieving a shorter time-to-close is essential in today’s rapidly shifting market, particularly for equity-based lending. Validate goes a long way toward helping lenders achieve that goal.”

After borrowers submit current property photos, they are asked to complete a short questionnaire to verify public record data and select from a menu of value-enhancing amenities. Validate also asks homeowners to specify any repairs that need to be performed and to certify that the information submitted is accurate. Results are presented to the lender via a loan origination system-integrated API or an easy-to-read PDF report.

Validate is easily integrated via an API and is being offered as a customer relationship building tool for lenders, appraisal management companies and credit unions.

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