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HomeParagon for Brokers — A Unique MLS Solution for Brokers

Paragon for Brokers — A Unique MLS Solution for Brokers

Paragon for Brokers — A Unique MLS Solution for Brokers

To be successful in today’s real estate industry, brokers need an MLS system that helps retain control of their business. Black Knight offers a cost-effective and practical solution – Paragon for Brokers. With Paragon for Brokers, brokers get their own customized version of Paragon®, where they can preserve their unique branding, marketing and business practices.


Paragon for Brokers is a unique solution that supports real estate brokers’ needs for more differentiation, autonomy and control within their Paragon system. Paragon for Brokers leverages the investments in Paragon already made by brokers’ local MLS organizations while providing brokers the ability to optimize the platform to meet their specific business rules and processes. Because it’s already built into Paragon, there’s no need for brokerages to buy and deploy separate software. Brokers, agents and staff already know how to use Paragon, so adoption is quick and easy.

Paragon for Brokers helps brokers:


Differentiate their firm

Reinforce and strengthen their brand

Recruit and retain agents


► Brokerage-level branding and messaging

► Integration with each broker’s third-party vendors and back-office systems 

►  Customizable communication directly with a broker’s agents

► Dashboards to help brokers better optimize the platform for their agents

► Broker-specific data fields for a broker’s listings, visible only to agents within the firm

► Broker-optimized listing reports and saved searches

► Broker-exclusive listings with automated status changes after the exclusivity period



Black Knight Launches Paragon for Brokers (P4B) to Address the Emerging Needs of Real Estate Brokers for Increased Branding, Autonomy and Control

September 30, 2016  |  MLS

Learn how Paragon for Brokers can be customized for you.