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Technology Vendor Network

Technology Vendor Network

Integrate accurate pricing into your mortgage tech stack and stay on the cutting edge of innovation. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Black Knight’s Optimal Blue PPE platform is integrated with 70+ leading mortgage technology vendors to help clients easily leverage accurate pricing and robust secondary marketing automation throughout the mortgage loan process.


Discover the Vendor Network

With more mortgage technology providers offering innovative solutions than any other time in history, today’s lenders are advantaged with more choice than ever before! However, knowing which solutions are integrated with your systems has become more and more difficult.

The Optimal Blue PPE vendor network takes the guesswork out of integration by offering a robust library of certified, seamless integrations with the technology innovators you rely upon today and tomorrow.

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Leverage Two-way Integrations

We have made it easy to connect your mortgage technology stack to deliver more accurate pricing and the best secondary marketing automation throughout the mortgage loan lifecycle. Through advanced, yet turnkey integrations with 70+ mortgage technology vendors, we have embedded the power of the Optimal Blue PPE inside of whatever technology experience your users demand.


Deliver a Seamless Experience

Black Knight’s comprehensive library of Optimal Blue APIs accomplish a variety of functions from within various technology solutions, creating a seamless user experience. Leverage these advanced APIs to share accurate, best-fit pricing to consumers online, provide loan officers with the ability to lock rates from the convenience of their mobile device, automatically integrate change requests within your LOS, and so much more.

Fully Integrated Solution

“The robust library of Optimal Blue secondary marketing APIs brings significant value to technology providers. Connecting our solutions to the largest network of originators, investors, and real-time content has opened many new doors for our business.”

Matthew Unglaub


Are you ready to become a certified integration provider?

I’m Chazz Huston, Strategic Alliances Manager. Throughout the mortgage loan process, leading technology vendors know that nothing converts borrowers more effectively than accurate pricing. By becoming a certified partner, you can enhance your solutions with the industry’s leading PPE, develop modern, two-way interfaces by leveraging our robust Optimal Blue API library, and engage with our thousands of clients.


Leverage High-Impact Functionality Throughout Your Solutions

BESTX™ Scenario Price Search

This API product supports the return of the best execution product and pricing for a given borrower scenario. This is a popular API product for:

  • Online rate quoting
  • CRM and marketing systems
  • Consumer-direct websites
  • Mobile originator solutions
Complete Scenario Price Search

This API product supports the complete search results for a given borrower scenario, including all eligible and ineligible products, pricing, and fees. This is a popular API product for:

  • Originator point-of-sale systems
  • Loan origination systems
  • Workflow management systems
Pipeline & Initial Lock

This API product supports a number of key functionalities related to the initial lock of a mortgage loan, such as:

  • The registration of the initial lock submission
  • Creation and management of loans in the pipeline
  • Retrieval and sorting of pipelines in the system
Post-Lock Changes

This API product supports a number of key functionalities related to post-lock changes of a mortgage loan already registered in the Optimal Blue PPE solution, such as:

  • Ability to submit change requests or post-lock changes
  • Worse case pricing evaluation
  • Ability to invoke historical pricing searches
Lock Desk Management

This API product supports a number of key functionalities related to lock desk management, such as:

  • The acceptance, rejection, or cancellation of lock requests and change requests
  • Lock desk services and base pricing


How an API-First Strategy Connects the Industry

Our API-first strategy led to the development of the industry’s first comprehensive RESTful API platform that supports automated product eligibility, pricing, lock desk and pipeline management integrations with the third-party technology providers the industry relies upon. Optimal Blue PPE clients can gain direct access to the comprehensive API library and develop an integration on their own, or they can choose from a library of turnkey APIs developed in partnership with a wealth of leading providers focused on lead generation, marketing, CRM, consumer-direct, point-of-sale (POS), loan origination (LOS), and more.

“Throughout the loan lifecycle, no matter what system is relied upon, the originator has the confidence that they are quoting accurate, compliant, and real-time product eligibility and pricing,” said Scott Happ, president, Secondary Marketing Technologies. “With our robust API capabilities and the numerous leading mortgage technology vendors who have built to them, we are breaking down the integration barriers that have historically held back the industry.”

Technology Vendor Network

Widely Used

Mortgage Coach helps mortgage lenders refocus a mortgage decision from interest rate and fees, to a comparison of loan options that meet borrower financial goals over time.

Widely Used

Zillow is a leading real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data and knowledge around their home, and connecting them with local professionals networks.

BankingBridge provides a suite of digital marketing products that all mortgage companies can use to increase website lead conversion, improve ad spend ROI, and close more loans.

Magilla is a software as a service (SaaS) that drastically improves a mortgage lender’s existing customer acquisition techniques as well as offering a seamless transition to SEM/SEO.

Own Up injects intelligent technology and human connection into the mortgage process, unlocking critical information that empowers consumers to achieve better financial outcomes.

LendingTree’s online marketplace connects consumers with multiple lenders, empowering them as they compare and shop across a full suite of loans and credit-based offerings.

Widely Used
mortgage marketing

Trusted by mortgage professionals ranging in size, Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM has been rated the #1 most-used sales and online marketing platform for the mortgage industry.

Widely Used

Total Expert’s marketing operating system scales personalized outreach to connect LO s with prospects and customers in order to help them achieve their version of the American Dream.

Accelerize360 integrates Salesforce with industry standard Loan Origination Systems such as Encompass to push new applications to processors and fetch updates back to your LOs.

Big Purple Dot is a mortgage industry leader in collaborative lead management that allows lenders and realtors to work together toward a common goal through automation.

Mortgage Business Growth Platform: Automate your marketing, convert more leads, stay top of mind with your borrowers and recruit new partners using one simple Mortgage CRM solution.

DirectMailers increases sales revenue through the application of proprietary testing and prediction algorithms to maximize direct mail campaign response in the mortgage industry.

Jungo offers pre-built technology and accelerated implementation services for financial service verticals such as the mortgage, real estate, and wealth management industries.

MAXA Designs empowers brands and their sales associates with marketing templates and design platform to host, edit, and publish customizable marketing materials and social media.

MBS Highway provides the latest mortgage industry news and analysis, including historical and forecast rates of appreciation, financial calculators, and expert insights.

Momentifi’s Mortgage CRM and technology platform drives sales through marketing automation, enterprise-level reporting, and personal branding from your loan officers.

Mortgage365 is one of the most integrated platforms in the industry, and the only made-for-mortgage CRM and data platform built on the Microsoft technologies many rely upon.

MortgageSAT is a powerful management tool that gives mortgage lenders the control, visibility, and context needed to manage and improve the borrower’s experience.

Nexgen HBM is a full-service business development and technology company. Their lender-centric, lead and conversion technology solutions help boost transaction conversion rates.

OSI Express is a powerful financing calculation tool that greatly helps mortgage loan originators and real estate agents turn new customers into long-term relationships.

RatePlug is a leading mortgage marketing platform that includes an interactive loan calculator deeply integrated with +70 MLS networks, a flyer system, and much more.

SocialSurvey provides valuable data to companies and mortgage professionals that want to improve their services and ensure compliance with marketing and advertising regulations.

Tabrasa, LLC provides sales and marketing automation, including content and services that support the marketing and sales of mortgages and the professional development of personnel.

USHERPA is an intuitive relationship engagement platform that combines automated marketing, engagement tools, and CRM software – resulting in increased repeat and referral business.

Velma is a trusted mortgage service that leverages multi-channel communication with pre-built engagement strategies to get more referrals, applications, and closed transactions.

Volly provides an innovative component-based platform that seamlessly integrates marketing and customer engagement strategies with robust lending technologies.

Widely Used

SimpleNexus is a digital mortgage solution connecting stakeholders, uniting tech stack integrations, and delivering a full-featured mobile origination tool set to drive LO productivity.

Widely Used

Blend’s digital mortgage suite offers lenders a branded online experience, deployable in a relatively short time and integrated into the lender’s existing technology stack.

Widely Used

Fusion MortgagebotPOS and Fusion MortgagebotMobile allow users to explore rates and products, complete applications, get instant approvals, and receive immediate online disclosures.

BeSmartee can take borrowers and originators from application to appraisal in minutes by using big data, process automation, and a complete MLO portal to manage it all.

Cloudvirga automates tasks traditionally performed by operations to cut costs, improve the customer and loan officer experience, and deliver insights across the origination process.

Floify is a digital mortgage POS that streamlines processes by providing a secure application, communication, and document portal between originators, borrowers, and referral partners.

Lodasoft is mortgage task automation software designed by mortgage veterans to enhance productivity and quality while providing structure and guidance for all members of the process.

Maxwell is a digital mortgage platform specifically designed to enhance the human relationship between loan officers, their borrowers, and their referral partners.

MortgageHippo’s comprehensive suite of web and mobile-ready products intuitively adapt to the user’s workflows, processes, and loan origination strategies to exceed customers’ expectations.

PreApp 1003 helps from the point of referral, to obtaining credit, calculating ratios and funds to close, to issuing closing cost worksheets and conditional pre-qualification letters.

Roostify is transforming the industry with an innovative and integrated platform that streamlines the entire digital lending experience, decreases closing times, and increases margins.

Visionet Systems, Inc. provides digitally powered services that helps mortgage professionals transform their operational processes and scale their mortgage businesses effectively.

Volly provides an innovative, component-based platform that seamlessly integrates marketing and customer engagement strategies with robust mortgage lending technologies.

Through both enterprise website solutions and a digital point-of-sale application, WebMax provides digital mortgage solutions that significantly impact a lender’s greatest needs.

Fusion MortgagebotLOS provides a user-friendly, web-based solution that streamlines origination processes, provides data access anytime, increases loan production, and reduces costs.

Black Knight’s Empower® LOS delivers integrated technology, data, and analytics to help lenders originate new loans, decrease turn times, support compliance and investor requirements, and more.

Calyx Software’s POINT platform is an industry-leading LOS for mortgage originators, streamlining all phases of the mortgage loan process from pre-qualification to loan closing.

ICE Mortgage Technologies

Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology™ empowers lenders and investors to engage home-buyers and efficiently originate, close, sell, and purchase loans from a single system of record.

Since 1985, Byte has provided innovative mortgage workflow solutions that are delightfully simple to implement, use and administrate. Hosted and on-premises options available.

BlueSage Solutions is cloud-based digital lending platform that delivers end-to-end performance for the entire lending and fulfillment process – anywhere, anytime, mobile and desktop.

Calyx Software’s PATH platform is an intuitive, cloud-based LOS, designed to simplify the loan process while providing the control and flexibility needed to run your business your way.

Cloudvirga automates tasks traditionally performed by operations to cut costs, improve the customer and loan officer experience, and deliver insights across the origination process.

PCLender, now part of Fiserv, is an end-to-end, web-based solution that delivers the ability to apply online, originate, process, approve, close, and deliver mortgage loans to investors.

Ignite’s team provides the rare combination of secondary expertise with custom development options to drive efficiencies and improved client experiences via Optimal Blue APIs.

The Lender Toolkit team uses their deep industry experience to help customers gain efficiencies, improve processes and stay compliant by effectively configuring and customizing the Encompass Digital Mortgage Platform.

LendingPad is an innovative, award-winning LOS platform in the cloud that streamlines complex and segmented origination processes for brokers, lenders, and depository institutions.

LoanLogics’ regtech software validates compliance, improves loan quality and manages risk during the manufacture and acquisition of loan assets.

Loan Originator Networks, LLC. provides extensible websites for mortgage companies, LOs, and brokers that automate the loan application process to save time and increase profitability.

With “digital mortgage” and “eClosing” being the current buzz, Mace is partnering with industry leaders to make a true digital mortgage accessible to nearly any mortgage company.

Mortgage Builder manages every stage of loan processing and because there is only one system of record, it supports unified workflows, time-saving automation, and built-in auditing to maximize productivity.

Mortgage Cadence’s end-to-end LOS provides everything a lender needs, from a modern borrower portal to post-closing and delivery, docs, services and imaging – it all exists natively in the platform.

MortgageCTO offers a comprehensive solution that is configured by operations and powered by originators within the POS. The solution is integrated, accurate, and supports all channels.

MortgageFlex provides innovative solutions to the lending industry, with an LOS that supports retail, wholesale, and TPO channels, as well as consumer lending and manufactured housing.

OpenClose’s LenderAssist is a completely web-based mortgage loan origination software solution that can automate all business channels and workflows from a centralized platform.

With origination, processing, underwriting, closing, funding, and delivery under one innovative platform, Origence will bring a new level of efficiency to any mortgage lending team.

TAVANT VΞLOX is the mortgage industry’s leading AI-powered digital suite of products that solves some of the most complex lender and borrower challenges.

Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ NetOxygen LOS is an award-winning digital mortgage solution that provides automation, smart configuration, and seamless access to emerging digital tools.

Widely Used

Arch MI RateStar is an advanced, revolutionary program that prices loans more precisely, providing the flexibility to attract more borrowers, close more loans, and compete more effectively.

Widely Used

EssentEDGE is a powerful risk-based pricing engine that provides the capability to incorporate more loan level attributes in order to deliver the most competitive rates on every loan.

Widely Used

With Genworth’s GenRATE, leverage granularity to offer tailored mortgage insurance rates for borrowers that are based on their individual loan characteristics and unique scenarios.

Widely Used

MGIC offers access to quick and competitive MiQ rates, the ability to compare multiple premium plans, MI rate quotes that are honored for 90 days, and best-in-class customer service.

Widely Used

National MI’s risk-based pricing technology offers an innovative way to attain every competitive mortgage insurance rate for a borrower’s unique financing scenario with Rate GPS.

Widely Used

MI Online is Radian’s web-based platform, which offers a secure environment 24/7 to quickly and easily access or modify commitment information, receive a rate quote, and much more.