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Social Media Solutions

Social Media Solutions

End-to-end social media solutions designed by mortgage experts specifically for mortgage originators.

Leverage intuitive social media capabilities that make your team more efficient, while simultaneously helping to protect your organization against the growing compliance risks of social media usage within the mortgage industry.

Automated Monitoring & Audits


Automated Audits and Monitoring

Automated and ongoing monitoring enables 24/7, real-time oversight of social media activities that involve your company. In addition, comprehensive social media audits are available to review all targeted social media activities and venues.

Both are a simple and convenient way to proactively locate and address any issues, aide in your organization’s compliance efforts, and save valuable time and money.


    Remediate Compliance Findings

    Manage monitoring and audit findings through a single, intuitive dashboard for all accounts. Users can further simplify the remediation process with automated post checks that instantaneously scan against regulatory trigger terms and send real-time alerts of any findings that may need to be addressed. You can also set up tasks to track that others within the organization are resolving assigned issues in a timely and efficient manner.

      Remediate Compliance Findings
      Streamline Social Media Publishing


      Streamline Social Media Publishing

      Create, organize and store pre-approved content to broadcast a cohesive and consistent brand message. Quickly and efficiently publish this content through any corporate or personal social media account.

      • Create standardized corporate templates
      • Maintain an up-to-date asset library
      • Schedule posts across multiple networks
      • Track engagement metrics


        Integrated Borrower Reviews

        Seamlessly connect third-party review management systems to our solution through an advanced API. This enables your organization to directly connect to and pull data so you can view and respond to reviews from a single platform.

        Auto-post functionality allows loan officers to automatically post reviews to their social accounts based on predetermined requirements that will promote your business effectively.

          Integrated Borrower Reviews
          View Reports On-demand


          View Reports

          With detailed and robust reporting functionality, you can automatically identify violations and potential threats before they become costly errors. View trends and search findings by:

          • Social media account
          • Time period or location
          • Regulatory keywords

              MEDIA AUTOMATION

              “Developed specifically for mortgage lenders, the end-to-end solution automates social and digital media activities, publishing and reputational reviews like no other.”

              Michael Stallings

              Best Practices for an Effective Social Media Compliance Policy

              My name is Michael Stallings, Product Manager of the social media automation solution. Today, more than ever before, the use of social media to generate leads and attract more business is subject to numerous compliance regulations. What’s more, internal and external auditors expect organizations to have an effective social media compliance policy in place. Discover the key elements and best practices that are vitally important when preparing and executing social media procedures and policies to protect all parties from inadvertently committing violations and incurring fines. Are you ready to learn more?


              Maximize the Power of Social Media

              Integration APIs

              Integrate with popular third-party review management systems to view, manage and respond to reviews from within a single platform.

              Smart Phone Mobile App

              Enable loan officers to connect, post, communicate and engage responsibly while supporting compliance on the go.

              • Enable content promotion across all networks with one tool
              • Protect LO privacy and help safeguard against liabilities
              • Maintain a consistent corporate brand and message
              • Leverage automated alerts to monitor in near real time
              • Available for download directly to your device
              Connect and Engage Across Networks

              Communicate your brand and value proposition across the most popular social media networks.


              The Importance Of Developing a Social Media Compliance Policy

              In today’s highly competitive environment, every financial institution should take advantage of the myriad of benefits that come from the use of popular social media channels. At the same time, leveraging this communication method is like any other form of print or digital advertising, and therefore subject to strict compliance regulations in our industry.

              This white paper describes the importance of a proactive social media compliance policy in today’s mortgage landscape.


              Accelerate Your Business

              Leverage other secondary marketing technologies, robust automation and actionable data to improve accuracy, maximize profitability and workflow efficiencies, and create corporate transparency.

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